Clothed with Grace: About Me

About Me

Hey!  Thanks for stopping by! Who am I, you might ask?

I'm a wife to a Cowboy's fan and mom to a first graders who has a serious love for all things Nerf guns and a sweet little girl who can light up the room with her smile.

I'm also teacher to a herd of 7th graders and a Christian who is working each day to show God's love to other through how I live my life.

For a long time this blog was a space where I shared my love for style, but that time has come and gone. I still love to feel good about what I wear, but clothes are simply that, clothes.

Now this space is filled with the what's happenings in my life, the stuff that matters to me, and everything else in between.



  1. My husband is a serious Cowboys fan too. He will seriously go through a grocery line and ask the cashier what team they like and I have to mouth to them to say Cowboys or he will pick another line to go into... and that is during the off season.