Clothed with Grace: Dressing for Your Shape

Dressing for Your Shape

Knowing what clothes to wear and which one's will look best on you can be difficult. I'd like to help you out. Here are links to posts I've created to help you all dress for you body type and look your best each and every day.

First, you need to determine your shape. Check out this post to determine your shapeThis post also has some great graphics to help you out as well.

Next, check out the post below to get specific tips and outfit ideas for dressing for your shape:

Need help with a swim suit?  This post will help you find the right suit for your shape.

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  1. That isnt strict, they use rulers to measure girls skirt lenghts in some schools. You arent missing much. Short skirts are annoying, low cut tops attract gross perves, spaghetti straps are usaully very tight tops.

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