Clothed with Grace: How to Wear: Ankle Pants

Friday, May 16, 2014

How to Wear: Ankle Pants

I recently got an email from a reader asking if I'd share tips for wearing ankle pants and what types of shoes work best, so today I thought I'd do just that.

I honestly think you can wear pretty much any shoe with ankle pants, I think it just depends on if you are looking to create a dressy look vs. a casual look. In the first two pictures I'm wearing heels with my ankle pants. I think it works here because these looks are more tailored and structured with the blazers and blouses I chose to wear.  If I switched out the ankle pants for a skirt, heels would still make sense, so to me the yard the best option with these dressy outfits.

In the third picture I'm wearing a chambray and colored jeans; this look is obviously more casual in nature, so heels really don't make sense.  I opted for sandals because it was a nice day, but I think ballet flats or Toms would look cute with this too.  Since the top is more casual, more casual shoes make the most sense.

Lastly, I thought I'd show a cuffed jean as opposed to a true ankle pant. This outfit is very casual in nature with the utility jacket, plus it was a cool day, so my Sperrys made the most sense here. Toms are a great option with this look too.  I definitely think you can do heels with ankle or cuffed jeans, just make sure you're wearing a dressier top or blouse to dress up the overall look.

What do you think? How do you like to wear ankle pants? Do you have any tips to add?


  1. Thanks for proving that you can make almost any shoe work with an ankle pant!! They really are so versatile! I am planning to wear a pair of cuffed pants today so I will follow your lead! Susan

  2. All the shoes work well with the ankle pants! I love the coral/pink pair you have!

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  3. Loved this post! I don't own heels but I have done both casual and flats with my ankle pants! Love all your outfits!

  4. Such cute ideas! Love your style as always.


  5. Thank you so much for this post! I swear my closet is just getting influenced by you little by little! Now off to find a chambray shirt to love...

  6. I LOVE ankle pants! And I agree, they go with most types of shoes. Love the different ways you've styled yours here.

  7. I agree that ankle pants go with most styles of shoes, not all of them though. For example the ankle-strap pumps might need a shorter pant to work out like a shorter cropped pair or a capri. I could be wrong lol. The 3rd outfit is so cute.

  8. Great tips! I only have one pair of ankle pants and wear them mostly with sperry's, but I really like the structured look, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Great tips! I've gotten a few new pairs of ankle pants and love them!

  10. Personally I'm more of a fan of wearing them with heels, but you make them look great with flats. I think you are probably a bit taller than me though...
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