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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

From the Inside Out

I'm really excited about the new direction of my blog, and I feel like it's been a long time coming. I think back to the time before Grant was born when it was just Brian and myself, and all the time we had.

I worked out every day.

I did devotions every day.

I was able to focus on Brain every day.

Then, we had a baby.  I wouldn't change a thing and the love I have for Grant is a love that is unexplainable to someone who isn't a mom yet.

Life changed, though.  I quit going to the gym; I didn't want Grant at daycare until after five each night.  I also quit doing devotions. At first it was because I was so sleep deprived, then it was out of fear that he'd hear me and wake up early.

I lost a lot of myself as an individual, not that that is a bad thing, it was just different and I was more than happy to have Grant fill a space in my heart.

Slowly my focus shifted off my relationship with God onto other things. I started this hobby and although I'm embarrassed to admit it, it became like a god.  My focus on it was too great.

Throughout this time we were still going to church and taking part, but I just wasn't connected.  This last summer I kept feeling a tug in my heart.  God missed me, and I missed him too.

I've often heard it said that you should talk to God like he's your best friend, not like 911 that you only call in an emergency.  I'd been using God like 911.

I had a ton of time while Grant was napping this summer and no excuse, so I picked up my Bible again. I also discovered She Reads Truth. I started praying again, I started reading the Bible again, I started seeing all the blessings around me again.  I also felt myself changing.

My attitude improved. I suddenly had more patience for everything life threw at me.  School started and I was excited but nervous, because nap time was gone, so when would I do devotions?

I became that person that gets up at 5:30. On purpose.  If you know me in real life you'll know that I am NOT a morning person. However, starting my day with prayer, and devotionals to God have been the best thing I could do for myself, my family, my students and my God.

It's like I let out a sigh of relief I'd been holding in for four years.

Being in relationship with God changes you, and it's always for the better.  I started to feel the tug that my little corner of the internet should change.  Clothes and this blog can't be a priority.

I still want to show some style inspiration, but I want you each to find the beauty you all have on the inside and out, and I want to be doing the same.  Here begins a new chapter in the life of this blog.

I wore this outfit out with friends last weekend.  I'm absolutely crazy about this faux fur vest I picked up recently from Target.  I paired it with this great black top with faux leather sleeves from Gordmans.  I also love the pop of color in this fun necklace from Edith Marie Jewelry.

Vest: Target same 
Top: Gordmans c/o Kensie same
Necklace: Edith Marie Jewelry c/o same
Jeans: Old Navy
 Bracelets: chloe + isabel c/o samesame 
Boots: Wanted similar in black (only $12!)

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  1. Good for you for getting up early for morning devotions! Love the leather and fur together!

  2. I am with you 100%. I love (or hate, depending how you look at it)how you put it, using God as a 9-1-1. He so often becomes my last resort. Thank you for the reminder that he needs to be my first call and not my last. Praying for you dear friend!!

  3. I'm glad you found the direction you'd like to go in! And look cute while doing it!

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your content this morning and it resonates with me. I have been making changes over the past year and know I can always look for even more ways to grow closer daily.

  5. 5:30 seems early but not when you are making time for your relationship with our Heavenly Father. I'm proud and impressed! Go Girl!! Keep up the great work.

    You look fierce. I love that leather

  6. What a great message and such encouraging words for me too, thanks for sharing this Ginny!! Good for you for making these changes and inspiring others to do so also.
    You of course look adorable in this outfit, love this fur vest!

  7. First of all--that shirt is making me want to own it immediately. Great find! Second of all, you are so on the right track. I actually am a bit of a morning person, once I'm out of bed...and I have recently jump started my own spiritual journey in a much more serious way. Everything is falling together, and it feels incredible!

  8. She Reads Truth has helped me a lot - especially the app. I need to be more purposeful about getting on there every day and make it a habit to go their first instead of other places.

    And in clothing news, I love those glitter booties!

    1. The app is great! Did you know you're a no-reply blogger, you can Google how to fix it, than I can reply to you directly.

  9. The fur vest looks absolutely divine! I totally need one in my closet now. It looks so cute on you!

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    Jo from

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  10. I'm so happy for you and excited for your new direction. Good for you!

    And that fur vest looks amazing on you by the way. Beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. Great post Ginny! I know what you mean and how you feel. Are you familiar with Cyndi Spivey's blog Walking in Grace and Beauty? Check it out- I think you will find her message and ability to let her love of God, clothes and blogging all intermingle inspiring. I utilize an app called Daily Devotions- it's a great way to get the word of God in small doses and incorporate it into your day.

    As usual- great post! Your outfit is yet another one I love. Target should get some give you some kickbacks.

  12. Excited for your new direction! You look fabulous as always.

  13. I also have a relationship with God. I find the good thing is that he is with us in everything, including all those household chores and keen to chat to us even when we're busy. Sounds like you're doing really well and I admire you a lot. You still look fantastic! Love your outfit, perfect for the season, I especially like your booties!

  14. I can relate to so much you said in this post. Been there, done that, doing it again. It's amazing how all the pieces fall into place when we put God first--where he belonged all along. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration for all of is. Can't wait to see what God has planned for you now:-)

  15. Well you've already inspired me! I've been half-heartedly getting up some mornings early to do my devotionals, but reading this makes me want to make a better effort :)! Love the outfit too!

  16. Ooh She Reads Truth looks really interesting; I have been struggling to make time for daily devotionals lately and this looks like it will be an interesting resource. I'm definitely a morning person but I should make more time to sit with God so as to get the whole day off on the right footing instead of busily speeding around.

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