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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life Lately

Today I thought I'd share some things about life lately that I've shared on Instagram

1. Grant and I made this gingerbread house over the weekend and it was super easy and fun.  I was in charge of icing and Grant was in charge of decorations. : )
2. I got together with my small group and we decorated oranges with cloves to add the best holiday scents to our home, plus they are so cute!
3.  I love looking at the tree lit up in the evening, just another week (ish) and Christmas will be here!
4.  I recently got to sing in our church choir back up to Steven Curtis Chapman.  Two of my closest friends sang along with me and it was so much fun!  Brandon Heath was there too for the concerts, it was such a treat!
5.  Our Christmas cards came and have successfully been sent out.  This is the first time we've done "professional" prints (other than JCP) since Grant was born.  It was so fun and she did such a great job!
6. We've been having fun with Mr. Jingles, our "elf on the shelf." One day he dressed up like Spider-man and Grant could not get enough of it! I'm hoping Pinterest has enough idea left to get me through until Christmas!


  1. Love the clove and orange idea! I may be steal that!!

  2. You've been busy and had so much fun! The gingerbread house looks great!!

  3. The Elf as Spiderman kills me! too funny!

  4. All of this looks like a lot of fun. What am honor to be a back up singer alongside SCC. Rachel xo

  5. I enjoyed this life update post, especially the first photo of Grant and a Gingerbread House. I must say also your Christmas Card is beyond adorable and I love the stockings on your mantle. I want to see them close-up. =)

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