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Monday, May 15, 2017

Life Lately

I am so thankful for warm weather and getting outside!  Here's a look at what's been going on in my life lately.

We had a great Mother's Day. We went to church, Hannah napped while I spent some time to myself while Grant and Brian played the PS4.  Then we were able to go to the park and Brian made dinner. Yum!

We didn't now the splash park would be open, so we didn't come prepared. Grant started playing in his shorts-because boys. Hannah thought she needed to get in on that too. This picture was about 30 seconds before she was soaked.

Dad went home and got the kids' suit and they had a blast. We ended up meeting up with some friends too and Hannah was a big fan. Brian had a water gun fight with Grant and his buddy and it was super fun.

I do not have snap chat, but we went to dinner on Saturday with the family and my sister was in town. She was playing around with snap chat with Grant and Hannah and I gave it a try. I love this picture!

Hannah was sick last week and her naps have not always been great. Luckily she'll fall back asleep with me pretty easily. I'll take these baby cuddles for as long as I can.

Gah. Baby overalls. I can't even. I got these from Thredup and I'm pretty sure she's going to wear them on the daily.

Hannah also tried squeeze apple sauce for the first time recently and she is hooked. I love that she's a fan.

We had treats outside last week and Hannah also loved frozen go-gurt. She ended up being super messy, but that's ok. Every night has become bath night at our house.

I was also was able to get caught up on scrapbooking last week when I was home with Hannah. I am so glad I've stuck with this hobby!

I also got this journal for a birthday gift. I used to do an awesome job of journaling devotions and I haven't been great about it lately, as I'm scared I'll wake the kids up with too many lights in the morning. Devotions will be shifted to nap time this summer, so I'm excited to journal again!

I continue to love our Little Free Library! I'm excited to read Little Bee!

Lastly, all Grant wants to do is ride his bike all the time. He was scared of his "big bike" for so long. I'm so proud of him for riding it now! Plus, the more time outside the better!

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