Clothed with Grace: Art Might Be Hannah's Thing

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Art Might Be Hannah's Thing

It's so funny to see Hannah's personality and interests developing. Recently it seems that Hannah is loving all things art. They do a lot of art at Hannah's school but I've just started to really let her give stuff a go at home. She loves Play-Doh and the other night while I was getting dinner ready I got out Grant's old stickers. Hannah literally spent the next hour placing stickers on paper and on her own shirt. We even went to the basement after dinner and she bought her stickers along! Now, I need to get some more!

The kids also do coloring at school, so I thought I'd get out Grant's color wonder markers and an old color wonder coloring book Grant has out grown. Once again Hannah had so much fun! She loved taking the lids on and off and entertained herself pretty well for about another hour! Now I need to get more color wonder books too.

As a child I loved art and even though Grant would go through spurts where he'd want to color or paint for fifteen minutes, it was never his thing. Like I said, I love to see Hannah's interests developing and I want to foster those too.


  1. Tried this. Toddler wrote all over my couch. Then screamed when I took his markers away. How come Hannah draws only on paper?

    1. Have you tried the Color Wonder markers? They only audits on the special color wonder paper. Genius!

    2. Thanos for the tip. I'll look them up.

  2. Wow! That is amazing she is able to concentrate so long on art projects! How wonderful that is an interest for her!

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