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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Real Life

I wore this outfit this last Tuesday. I had my 16 week doctors appointment and my mom surprised me and said she'd like to take Grant for the morning. Since summer has started my time to myself has been nonexistent. It honestly hasn't bothered me, but that thought of a few hours to myself was pretty great. I had quite a list of things to do and threw on this outfit, which I've worn at least once a week this summer. This top from Target is now out of stock but this top is a really cute option. Though I'm only about half way though my pregnancy there are are few things I've learned in regards to clothing.
  1. I would not do well with a capsule wardrobe, I am seriously bored with my casual shirt options. I have a few shirts, like this one that are non-maternity that I've continued to wear, but having the same eight shirts to choose from gets really old, really fast. I do have some fun dresses and tops for work I haven't worn since I'm home this summer, so I'm looking forward to having more choices once school starts.
  2. Flowy tops like this are my jam, I don't feel nearly as large when I wear these as apposed to wearing the few tops I have like this. I'm just not comfortable showing off my belly, so I look forward to being able to layer these shirts with boyfriend cardigans once it cools down a bit and school starts.
  3. Buying shorts and jeans like these was not very smart. The thick elastic band is so uncomfortable and actually makes me nauseous. Over the belly or bottoms or bottoms like these I'm wearing today with the side panel are much more comfortable. I'm really made I spend money on three bottoms I really don't want to wear.
  4. Everything I wear looks better when I have a tan, I've loved getting to spend so much time swimming with Grant this summer. I do put on sunscreen, but I don't reapply, like I do on Grant. A little color makes my confidence go a long way!
What have you learned about maternity clothes you'd like to share. I'd love to hear your wisdom!

Top: Target  similar
Shorts: Old Navy same
Wedges: Aerosoles c/o Chippmunk same

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  1. I totally agree with the low panel pants. I had a few cute pairs that I couldn't stand not to wear, but full panel took over my closet very soon!

  2. This is a cute, fresh outfit! I'd be wearing it all the time too!

  3. This floral top is beautiful, and I love those neutral heels!

  4. Full panel are definitely much more comfortable than the low panel pants. Why do they even make low panel?!

  5. That is a great top. I don't have any maternity clothing advice but knit maxi dresses might be comfy and casual.

  6. The print of your top is so cute!

  7. You always look so cute!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  8. I don't think I could do a capsule wardrobe. I'd get bored and I'd either see or think of something I own not in the capsule and want to wear it!

  9. I'm still holding out on maternity clothes for now--my mom bought quite a few pieces for me last weekend during the holiday sales, but I'm trying to make the most of my regular clothes, since I've heard other moms say that they get SO tired of their maternity clothes by the end!
    I just wish I had more empire waist dresses in my closet. It's so hot right now that dresses are the only thing that's appealing to wear!

  10. I was in grad school when I was pregnant and had no money for maternity clothes! Thankfully I was working as a nurse, so scrubs were my go to. Not very fashionable(: You always look great and there are so many maternity options now! Be sure to link up with us for Charming Friday today and have a blessed weekend! Susan

  11. The floral with the nude and white is beautiful! Great outfit!
    Dresses & Denim

  12. You don't look pregnant at all here. You know I loe that floral top. And you should find out the gender in your next appointment. Yeay!