Clothed with Grace: Friendships

Monday, April 18, 2016


I wore this outfit a few weekends back to take Grant to a friend's birthday party.  It was for a little boy he's literally been friends with since they were both less than two years old. Through the boys' friendship I've also gotten to be good friends with the little boy's mom, which is always the best.  Now, the boys go to separate schools, so they don't see each other as much, although we try to do playdates.

I'd prepared Grant that there would probably be a lot of kids he didn't know there, being they are at separate schools. Both Grant and I were pleasantly surprised when almost every kid there was one of Grant's friends from daycare-all who now have basically scattered to different schools and don't see each other regularly. But, man, they all picked up right where they left off and Grant had a ton of fun.  And to me, that's what friendship is all about.  I was also excited to get to talk to all the other moms I hadn't seen for most of the year either.

Grant has had a great year in kindergarten and I've gotten to be friends with a couple of moms, but I do miss seeing all those other moms.  Our kids were together for nearly five years and we had endless playdates. As the weather warms up I'm really looking forward to playdates at the park again and time with other moms.

With the combination of winter and Hannah's birth I really do feel pretty disconnected from friends. I love my family to the moon and back, but hunger to reconnect with my friends, in pretty much every facet of my life. I could sit and make excuses, but just this last Sunday it took the prompting of a friend's husband, who I haven't seen in forever because she also has a new baby and two other kids which keeps her hands full, to say "You two just need to make time to get together!" Why yes, you are right. So we made plans and are getting together this Thursday night for frozen yogurt. Actually talking instead of sending texts back and forth will be so nice!

Here's the thing, we can sit around and make excuses all day long as to why we do or don't do something, but what good does that do?  Yes, getting time to myself hasn't been a priority since Hannah's birth, but seeing friends a few times a month would not be that hard to figure out. I'm working to do a better job of reconnecting with those other moms in my life that "get it." If you're feeling disconnected, I encourage you to do the same thing. I know you won't regret it!

I have been on the hunt for a navy utility jacket for a few years now, so when I came upon this Sonoma utility jacket on thredUP for $9 I was super excited!  This one in navy is very similar and on sale now too. As for the rest of my outfit, these Loft jeans were also a thredUP find for $10! These are very similar and currently on sale.  I find as long as I buy my go-to brands on thredUp, I don't have to worry about fit, as I know how the sizes run. I didn't have a light pair previously, so these really fit the bill. As always, use this link to get $10 off your first purchase.

Jacket: Sonoma similar  via thredUP 
Top: Express similar
Jeans: Loft similar  via thredUP
Necklace: Stella and Dot
Shoes: Target almost exact


  1. This lacy peplum top is so pretty!

  2. What a cute outfit! I love that lavender top!

  3. I think it is always cool and important to be friends with the moms of our kids' friends or peers. Love that gray peplum top and all the pretty jewelry, today. =)

  4. So glad you're getting together with your friend this week! Love the navy utility jacket, too! Happy Monday!

  5. Timely message of encouragement for me today! Earlier today I messaged a new mom in town to offer my friendship and to suggest that we share time together to talk about God and His goodness in our lives. It is so true that we need to not just recognize our needs but reach out and make the connections, for the glory of God and His kingdom! Love your top and jacket combination!