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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life Lately

Here's an update of our life lately via pictures I shared on Instagram.

This last weekend was pretty relaxing, which is just what we all needed.  Here we are watching a movie together.  Grant never wanted to sit on my lap for any extended period of time, little sister on the other hand will happily hang out for quite awhile and I don't complain one bit. : )

I got a package from thredUp with a few things for Hannah. Last fall I picked up some things summer things in 6-12 on sale for Hannah and found some things recently at our Big Wheels to Butterflies. I really avoid spending big bucks on clothes for Hannah, as she's in them for such a short period of time. If I really dig at Big Wheels to Butterflies I can find some great things- like the top in the above picture is Janie and Jack and was a whole $1.50. But just like anything, the pieces are random- not outfits and there is way more worn out pieces than nice pieces.

I wanted to get Hannah a "church dress" and I love this one from thredUp, it's Osh-Kosh and was like $8 and looks brand new. I also had a found a cute Gymboree dress on thredUP a while back, but needed a onsie for underneath, and this elephant print one is adorable and looks brand new, I think it was $4. I'd also found a cute top at Big Wheels to Butterflies, but didn't have shorts for it, so these polka dot bloomers from Gymboree will be perfect, I think they were $4 too. If you haven't tried thredUp for yourself or kids, I highly recommend it. The pieces always look like new for such a small price! Use this link for $10 off your first purchase.

Here's what I wore to church on Sunday. I got this top from Target when they had 40% off Merona over the weekend. It's sold out on line, no surprise there, but you might get lucky in your local store.

Here's Hannah after church two weeks ago, this dress is from Grandma in 3-6 month and it's adorable. Hoping she can wear it into summer too. #thisfacethough

Here was Hannah after church this last Sunday. This outfit was a gift from a friend and so cute!

Grant has soccer and it's been going pretty well. My husband doesn't think Grant's hustle is up to par yet, though. Kids sports are tough. We want them to act perfectly, play hard, and have fun. That bar is pretty high! We're trying to practice the hustle some more at home in hopes Grant is more confident at his game, I just don't want to suck the fun out of it. He's only 5, after all.

Our weather is also warming up, so I feel like I go between long-sleeves and rompers with Hannah right now.  This one was a Big Wheels to Butterflies find for $1.50. I found four or so in the same style but different prints, they are the best!

I also did some scrapbooking over the weekend and had to stop a few pages short because I ran out of adhesive and Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays. My husband went to the store though and came home with some double-sided tape and wondered it that would work. Now that's love, people. ; ) My pages are definitely not as fancy as they used to be, but I'm totally ok with that, and I was able to get done scraping with the double-sided tape.

We also went the the last play of the season for our local community children's theatre. My mom bought us a family pass for the year. We went to a few shows with her and a few Grant invited different friends. He was obviously very excited here! Growing my always went to plays with my mom and grandma, so it's a fun tradition to continue.

This was really a great weekend, and just what I needed. One month until summer break!


  1. All of the little girl dresses just has to be so fun! So cute!

  2. OOh! ThredUp for Baby Clothes. Flippin' Genius. Or Dangerous :)

  3. The new church dress you picked up for her looks adorable. I love the tutu outfit.

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