Clothed with Grace: Life Lately

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Life Lately

Here's a look at life lately, via Instagram!

For the record, if you saw me on a Saturday, I'd look like I was going to the gym, but it's a hoax. I haven't been to the gym since Hannah was born, I'm just boycotting real clothes on Saturdays, it just seems like too much work, quite honestly and this top and leggings, both from Target, are soooo comfy!

Grant has started soccer and it's the cutest thing. He and another kindergarten buddy are playing together. I've only gotten to see pictures and quick videos, it's still been to cool to take Hannah along.

Recently Grant and Dad were at soccer and Hannah was taking an extra long morning nap and for the first time since I can remember I had a few hours to myself. It was amazing. Of course I did laundry and cleaned up the kitchen, but then I had some time to sit, drink coffee, and watch my newest addiction: One Tree Hill. If you need a Netflix show, this is it! It's like the middle class version of Gossip Girl, if you were a fan of that. #chuckbassforever

Like I said above, most days our weather is still pretty cool, so Little Miss is wearing winter clothes. I scored this whole outfit from thredUP for a fraction of the retail.  (Use this link to get $10 off your first purchase). The cardigan is Janie and Jack and the shirt and leggings are Gymboree.

Mother Nature is crazy though, because the day after Hannah wore the outfit above, I had to pull out her summer rompers for an 81 degree afternoon. We went on a walk and Hannah sat up like a big girl in the stroller. She was a huge fan! In fact she cried when I took her out to come back inside. I hear ya, kid!

The bond between Hannah and Grant continues to grow. Here, he's showing her how to play with his baby phone. She is really interested!

And teething, that has evidently started based on the amount of drool and chewing that is currently going on. I don't remember Grant starting so soon! Thank goodness for Sophie!

Lastly, I've been under a mountain of papers at work. Finding balance has been tricky. I've been so busy and have been using my plan time to pump. Then, I have to leave right away to feed Hannah. #thestruggleisreal . Lucky for me (not the kids) we have three days of state testing this week and I plan to get all these bad boys tackled!

Overall, life has been good. I am, however, counting down the days until summer break!


  1. Counting the days till break? You and me both! It's been a long year! Love Hannah's adorable outfits!

  2. Hannah is so cute! She could have her own blog or fashion show!