Clothed with Grace: Girls....

Monday, April 17, 2017


I'm going to fill you in on a little secret, being a mother to a girl is no joke. Sis has more sass and personality than I was prepared for. Grant is not perfect by any means, but I definitely did not had the same challenges with Grant as I am having with Hannah.

First off, girlfriend has an opinion about every everything. She knows what she wants and she gets pretty upset if she doesn't get it. She also is still trying to learn to talk, so I think that adds to the frustration. Here she needed both her snack and cup and we would have had problems if I tried to take it.

This was a first in nearly a year. Hannah woke up from her nap but then changed her mind. She slept on me for two yours. I totally soaked up the snuggles, but sis was definitely running the show here.

Here Hannah is trying to make a great escape. Grant did the same thing about about this same age and ended up on the porch while I was going to the bathroom. It's child-proofed now, but Hannah is not short on curiosity.  She's remains a tiny tornado leaving messes in her wake.

Then there is this. On this particular day last week Hannah was full of tears, made at the world, and probably hangry. I tried everything to re-boot her but she ended up eating her dinner while standing and using a chair as her table. Then she feel asleep at 6:30 after watching two minutes of a nursery rhyme video while Grant read his book from school to me.

It will be really interesting to see how her personality continues to develop as she gets older. If this continues, I might need a support group for girl drama though. ; )


  1. The last photo is precious!

  2. Such fun stories...for me any ways! Thanks for the laugh.

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