Clothed with Grace: Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Wardrobe Essentials

I've really enjoyed share my spring wardrobe essential with you guys. Today I've put it all together in one graphic and have links to everything for you down below!

Essential Tops: 

Florals: I love this one. The colors are bright and perfect for spring. I also love the shape as it can be easily dressed up and tucked into a skirt for work or untucked with white or denim jeans for a casual too.

Stripes: Honestly, I'm crazy about anything stripes, but I especially love this one. The sleeves are one of my favorite trends right now and this could be dressed up with black ankle pants for work, or down with jeans too.

Solids with Interesting Details: I love this one from Gap. It also comes in gray and white, which are great. I love a good basic colored top, I also like a fun detail to make it seem special though.

Essential Bottoms:

A well-fitting denim: I love a good skinny ankle jean or boyfriend jean and prefer a dark wash. I really like these ones. They are from J.Crew factory and actually come in three different inseams based on if you want an ankle or to cuff them.

Black Ankle Pants: These are definitely the most worn bottom in my closet and I have three pair I really like.  These are one's I've heard a lot of good things about. My favorite are these from Loft.

White Jeans: I wear these like crazy for work and weekend. I like these and just like the jeans mentioned above, they come in three different inseams.

Skirts: I love a good pencil skirt with a blouse for work and this one comes in a number of neutral and bold colors. I also love these linen ones which are more casual. I have a number of them and they wash and wear really well. Unlike typical linen, these don't seem to wrinkle like crazy and they are easy to iron too.

Shorts: In the summer I wear shorts daily, since I'm home with the kids. I prefer a 5" or 7" inseam and these ones are great! They also come in an inseam varying from 3" to Bermuda, so they can work with whatever your short's preference is. I keep my outfits pretty basic in the summer, so I like to have colored shorts to add interest, but having some neutrals is great too.

Essential Dresses:

Floral or Print: I am crazy about prints and florals! I think everyone needs at least one in their closet. I love this one and I think it's perfect for spring, summer and fall with this color combo.

Stripes: I am also a huge fan of stripes. I adore this dress and the bell sleeves. It could easily be worn alone or with a denim jacket layers for a more casual look.

Color: Pick a color you love and find a dress, you'll feel like a million bucks every time you wear it. I love this one with the fun scalloped details. It also comes in multiple colors, which is cool.

Essential Layers: Depending if you dresses for the work or casual, depends on if a layer is necessary, so having a few basics on hand is essential.  It may be 90 degrees outside, but your office is a freezer. These easy pieces will save the day.

Cardigans: I am a huge fan of cardigans. During the winter I primarily wear boyfriend cardigans, but I don't think they translate very well to spring and summer clothes, so I prefer a more standard version this time of year. The Clare cardigan from J.Crew is one of my favorites and it comes in a million colors. I find myself wearing tan, and gray the most during the winter, but white is so great for warmer temps!

Denim Jacket: I love a good denim jacket, especially in middle to darker washes and it's definitely my go to for a layer when spring temps are unpredictable. I love this one.

Essential Shoes: Blush and nude shoes are all the trend right now and they are in my opinion worth getting in your closet ASAP. The neutral color will go with pretty much anything and they will also elongate your legs, which is definitely a plus!

Sandals: Having a go-to sandal is definitely important and in my opinion investing in a good, comfortable pair will pay off, they will probably be worn more than your other shoes. These Tory Birch sandals are definitely and investment, however they have over a thousand five-star ratings on the Norstrom website, and I have found this to rather reliable. I also love the espadrille and these are super cute! 

Dress Shoes: Depending upon your work attire, sandals like the ones above might be just fine, otherwise I am a big of ballet flats and these come in pink, nude, and black. I also love the these and they are super affordable too!

Wedges:  Hands down, wedges are my favorite thing! I love these and they come in multiple colors too!

Essential Jewelry: It seems as though the trend of big, bold, jewelry has come and gone. Now, simple jewelry is where it's at. I am a big fan of Kendra Scott and it's a good happy medium for quality without costing a million dollars. I love my Elisa Pendant and for long necklaces I still wear my Rebel pendant from Stella and Dot more than any other necklace I've had. As for earrings, I really love leather ones right now. I have a mix between Nickel & Suede and  The Leather Drop.  these which I wear more than any other. 

Stay tuned, next I'm going to share some outfit ideas!

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