Clothed with Grace: Summer Style

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Style

I shared on Monday that I got this dress at Loft. On the same trip I picked up this top. It's exactly what I love in a summer top-easy, comfy, with a special detail. I'll be the first to admit that Loft's sales are kind of ridiculous. On this specific day any top with "cotton" was 50% off and noting was labeled, so you had to check the tags for the UPC with the cotton code in it. Seriously. Anyway, luckily this top was part of the sale and only $22! The front is pretty sheer, so you do need a cami. Also, it's pretty flowy. This is a small, so I'd recommend sizing down as I've been buying mostly mediums from Loft lately.

These shorts are super old but this Old Navy pair is pretty similar. I saw them in stores and the quality looked good. On a side note-anyone else feel like the tops at Old Navy lately have looked really cheap? They have been one of my go-to places for easy summer tops in years past and this year-not so much...

I've been wearing  sandals from Vionic constantly too! We went to the zoo recently and it's a lot of walking! They were perfect and my feet felt great!

Random-last time I got my hair cut I asked my lady to not cut as much. I have to say, I'm loving it at this length. Since I haven't been doing outfit posts much, I don't see my hair in picture often. I think I need to try to curl it again, I find I like it more when my hair is a bit longer. 

I was curious to see if this would worked tucked in for school or a more dressy look, and I think it works! Tucking definitely adds more waist definition, but doesn't work well for me when I'm busy with the kids. However, it's great for looking put together in my opinion.

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