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Monday, June 19, 2017

Vacation Life

For the last four years my family has gone on a trip together. This year we went to Lake Okoboji for the second time. We also went there last year and for Nebraska, it's not a bad drive; only three and a half hours.

Our first night the veiw from the dock was pretty breathtaking!

There was also a duck which jumped up on the dock. Hannah and Grant were pretty interested, although Grant was pretty sure the duck was going to charge....

Hannah is a huge fan of Grandpa in a way Grant wasn't as a baby, she loved hanging out with him!

We stayed in a resort (as much as you can stay in a resort in Iowa) in a condo like set-up. Down below where we stayed was a nice area with flowers and patios. Hannah was very interested in the flowers and I had to talk with her about "nice" touches and "gentle" touches. From that point on she said "nice" over and over again whenever she walked by them.

Grant and Brian fished from the deck, but didn't have any luck. Whomp, whomp. The last three years Grant has had a lot of luck fishing from the dock, so he was pretty disappointed.

Brian, my dad, and my brother-in-law went out with a guide and had a ton of luck! In hindsight, Grant was probably old enough to go with them this year, we'll just have to plan on it for next time.

Where we stayed had a number of pools and play areas, this one was probably as old as me. The kids enjoyed themselves, notice the jammies, it was pretty early in the morning. My kids- always up with the chickens!

The resort also had included cruises on the lake, we went out with my sister and her husband two afternoons, it was a great time!

We also went to Arnold's Park (the amusement park in Arnold's Park). We went last year too and Grant had a blast. Hannah as pretty easily entertained too, mostly by the rocks and bugs. We tried her on one kids' ride and she cried almost immediately. Maybe next year...

Overall, it was a really nice time. It's nice to be home and settled in. It's hard to believe that we are more than half-way through June!


  1. Your vacation looks super relaxing! It's so nice to getaway sometimes and just escape the everyday :)

  2. We didn't get out and about as much around town as I'd like. I hope next time we go we can explore more.

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