Clothed with Grace: 14 Week Bumpdate

Thursday, June 18, 2015

14 Week Bumpdate

First off, I want to apologize for not having any outfit posts this week, but in all honestly, last week Grant was at Vacation Bible School each day and I was wearing a lot of tees and shorts-nothing really too exciting. So, instead, I thought I'd share a Bumpdate post with you all today. I wasn't sure if I'd plan to do these or not, but my sister talked me into it. ;) So, here goes!

Weeks along: 14 weeks today

Size of the baby? The size of a lemon- about 1lb 2oz and 3 1/2 inches long

Must haves: Just like with Grant, I'm craving smoothies and Slushies, yum! I'm also drinking a lot of water and have been pretty much steering clear of pop. I'm also loving all carbs, like chips, which I wasn't a fan of beforehand.

Sleep: Not great, but better than at the beginning of my pregnancy. I'm generally a person who sleeps on their stomach, so sleeping on my side has been an adjustment. I've also learned a good pillow is a must! I'm also generally napping during Grant's rest time, which is nice too.

Baby Movement: When I place my hand on my stomach I feel like I felt a bit of movement, but nothing huge yet.

Gender: We won't find out until August, then I'll either have a lot of boys clothes to sell, or almost nothing to buy. Either way, I just want a healthy baby!

Weight Gain: Nothing yet. I actually lost a few pounds when I had a ton of morning sickness, then gained it back from week 8 to week 12. I have been very hungry, though, so I'm a bit anxious about weight gain. We belong to the YMCA, so working out in the morning is both good for me and the baby. : )

Challenges: I'm really feeling so much better than I did during the beginning, I really can't complain. I do have to make myself eat fruits and vegetables though, I really have not been wanting them at all!

 Best moment of the week: I've just been enjoying time with family and am thankful for summers off!


  1. You are positively glowing, my dear!

  2. Yay bumpdate! You look wonderful! Glad you're able to rest up!

  3. You look great!!! I love these bump updates:) Keep them coming:) So glad you're feeling better and that you get to rest. You're resting for two! Hope you're having a great day:)

  4. You look great!! If you're craving smoothies you need to visit Smoothie King! They're SO good!

  5. What a cute little bump! I'm glad you decided to do bumpdates, I enjoy reading them! Maybe due to my baby fever that I have to hold off on for a few years. Haha!

  6. Adorable! And you're only 2 weeks ahead of me!

  7. Oh my goodness, you look adorable and amazing!

  8. You look so happy. Have a great pregnancy.

  9. You look so cute with that tiny bump!

    Happy Medley

  10. I am so glad you are dling these posts, Ginny. I did them with Vivian also. Looking forward to reading your updates and finding out what you will be having. =)

  11. Yay! I'm glad you've decided to do bumpdates! I've been doing them on my IVF blog but I think I'll start putting them on Goodwillista next week. I'm glad you're feeling better!