Clothed with Grace: Table Rock Family Vacation

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Table Rock Family Vacation

Well, we're back from our vacation. Those of you that follow me on Instagram saw some pictures already, but I thought I'd share some more on the blog today. We had a really great time, even though we felt the effects of Hurricane Bill. It rained for parts of every day, which was a bummer, but we were still able to swim, boat, fish, and get some other fun activities in.

First off, just check out this view!  Table Rock is a man-made lake, which I didn't know ahead of time. It's actually shaped somewhat like a spider and measures about 80 miles long!  The deepest parts are over 200 feet deep as well. We stayed in a house in Shell Knob, the quieter side of the lake, in hopes of some good fishing for the guys.

We did go out on the boat quite a bit, but the fish weren't biting very well. Still, it was fun. Grant also got to spend some time with his Uncle Jake, and loved that too.

To try to let Grant get some fish, we ended up fishing from the dock. There were lots of little Blue Gill there.

Grant ended up being able to catch a bunch pretty quickly, and that was good for him. : )

We also went to check out the water while the boys figured out the boat situation, prior to taking it out for the first time. Such a pretty lake, even though it was almost always overcast while we were there.

Grant thought he might be able to hand fish too. "Here fishy, fishy!"

We also went to Eureka Springs for the morning. It was such a unique town.  It was built into the side of the mountains, but looked more European than like a small town in Arkansas.  Most of the streets were cobblestone and winding with shop after shop.

There was also a fudge shop. As we walked up to it I said. "Oh, a fudge shop, I don't think there's anything we'll like in here..." Grant's reply: "Except fudge!" You're right kid, except fudge, and it was delicious!

There was art work like this all over town too, so cool!

We went into Branson twice. Once to ride the Ducks, these crazy vehicles not only go on streets and mountains, but also turn into boats and go in the water. Grant even got a chance to "drive" the Duck in the lake.  

We also went to Silver Dollar City. We weren't sure it was going to happen, as we planned to go on Thursday. County Mart grocery stores offer tickets for $40 each, which is a pretty deep discount on tickets, but they're only good on Thursdays, and Hurricane Bill was in full effect off the coast that day. We had planned to go into Branson and get a ticket refund and do some indoor activities, but the weather was actually starting to look better, so we took the chance and decided to go to Silver Dollar City. First, we took Grant on the "little kid" rides and he decided he was definitely "too big" for them. Silly boy. He wanted some more action!

Soon he was riding on his own happily. Silver Dollar City has a lot of great rides for kids and adults, which I thought was great. It ended up not being very busy and the weather for the most part cooperated, which was great. We did have very short lines, which was nice.

Grant also had a lot of fun with Aunt Chelsea. : )

Grant loved this part of the park and gave this Dalmatian a big hug.

And the ball room! Brian and Grant had a blast in here. This place was a pretty sweet!

 After a week at Table Rock we decided to stop by Brian's parents house on the way home. Their summer festival was going on and Grant had fun riding rides and hanging out with his Grandma.

We also went swimming with his Grandma and one of his nieces while Brian took the other kids out to tube on the boat. It was a nice time.

We had a great time, but are so happy to be home. We all have been trying to catch up on sleep and get the house back in order. I think we need a vacation from our vacation. : )


  1. What a fun trip! Glad y'all had such a great time!

  2. What a beautiful location and fun vacation!

    Her Heartland Soul

  3. What a wonderful vacation! That town looks so cute! You were really able to get a lot in during your vacation!

  4. It looks like a fun trip. My mom has always wanted to do the ride the ducks but the one in our city closed.

  5. Looks like such a fun trip! I went to Eureka Springs for the first time last year and agree that it looks more like a European town. It was so cute--I loved all the winding streets. At least you guys got to do a lot of fun stuff despite the weather. I always need a day or two to rest from a vacation:)

  6. We have Ride the Ducks in Seattle and I love it! That little town sounds so cool! The fudge at those fudge shops is always sooo delicious.

  7. I live in the Ozarks (Springfield, MO)! We were at Table Rock when you were!!!! How crazy!

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