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Thursday, June 11, 2015

BUMPstyle Box

Now that I've hit my second trimester I'm starting to feel better, but I'm still at that awkward stage where my normal clothes no longer fit, but my bump isn't in full effect yet, although I'm sure it will be soon enough. When I begin looking for maternity clothes, I really tried to be sensible and stick to inexpensive pieces that would be mixable. I still stand firm that this is a good idea, but it hasn't left me with any pieces I really feel are "special" or that I really love. 

Enter BUMPstyle Box, they deliver designer maternity clothing, picked by a stylist just for you, and shipped free to your doorstep. The concept is similar to other box subscriptions, like Stitchfix, but I think that fact it's specifically for those expecting is genius. Where I live there is a very small selection of maternity clothes available, and we don't have chic maternity boutiques here either, so I was really excited to try this out.

Here's the scoop: Signing up is free. You fill out a style survey, share you due date, your favorite and least favorite parts of your body, what specifically you're looking for, the average price you spend for clothing, and when you want your box delivered.  There is a $30 styling fee, which is similar to other boxes out there, this was waived for me, and it waved for you too if you spend $150, which is nice.

After I went though this process, I got an email from my personal stylist, Hannah. She asked what I was looking for specifically, so as to make my box the best it could be. I told her I was interested in top that had special details, like lace, prints, etc. and dresses in prints.

Having never tried a service like this before, I didn't know what to expect, but I did stock the UPS guy  waiting for my box to arrive. Here's a peek at what I got:

First up is this dress from Lilac Clothing. The fabric is soft and stretchy and the length is great too. It has a bit of of sleeve, so I can wear it alone too, which is nice. It retails for $120, which is more than I generally spend on a piece of clothing, but I believe  BUMPstyle Box is about adding in a few special pieces you'd find at a boutique, not the big box store down the street.  The lovely people at BUMPstyle Box were nice enough to let me choose a piece to keep, in exchange for this review, and I didn't have a hard time choosing this dress. Due to it's shape, I think it's one I can easily wear after the baby is born, and I love that versatility.

Jacket: Gap similar /Dress: Lilac Clothing same c/o BUMPstyle Box / Heels: Bandalino similar

Next up I got this dress from Maternal Clothing. It's the same print as this one at Nordstoms, but the style is a bit different. I really loved this dress as well and was debating on keep it, but chose the first one because I felt it had more longevity.  It retails for $116.  This dress was super comfortable and the fabric was soft and luxurious, definitely good quality!

 Cardigan: J.Crew factory / Dress: Maternal Clothing similar from BUMPstyle Box / Heels: Bandalino similar

Next up in my box was top from MyBeloved. When I pulled this out, I really liked it, but it's fit me pretty much perfectly now, so it a month it probably won't fit my belly. It was only $40, which I felt was a fair price. If seeing the prices on the first two dresses made you gun shy to  BUMPstyle Box, this shirt is a reminder that stylists are able to pick pieces at varying prices, based on your needs.

           Top: MyBeloved from BUMPstyle Box / Jeans: Target same / Heels: Bandalino similar

Next up is this top from Jules and Jim, a boutique specific brand. I really loved this top. It's sleeveless, so great for summer, and has a cute bow and plenty of room for my growing belly. It is higher priced, than I expected at $94, but it's of obvious quality.

Top: Jules and Jim from BUMPstyle Box / Jacket: Gap similar / Jeans: Target same / Heels: Bandalino similar

The last top I got was also from Jules and Jim, this pretty linen top with a ruffled color. I really like this top too and felt there was ample room for my growing belly, but like the top above, it was $90 and more than I expected. Though, once again, the quality was obvious and I really like it.

Top: Jules and Jim from BUMPstyle Box / Cardigan: Merona same / Jeans: Old Navy same / Heels: Bandalino similar

Overall, getting to try  BUMPstyle Box was a really cool experience. I think my stylist, Hannah, did a great job of sending pieces I really like and that fit well too. I'd love to try this again once fall hits. So, for you busy expectant moms who are looking to add some special pieces to your wardrobe, I'd definitely suggest giving  BUMPstyle Box a try!


  1. I love your mint top! I have nothing even close to this cute to wear when I was pregnant! I love that you are maintaining your great sense of style during your pregnancy! Susan

  2. Really cool that there are subscription boxes for maternity styles too! Everything you got looks great!

  3. This is awesome, I wish I would have known about this when I was pregnant! I wil have to tell friends about it.

  4. Why wasn't there a service like this when I was pregnant? What a fun concept. Glad you are feeling better now.

  5. What an awesome idea! I'll definitely have to look into this when I'm expecting one day!

    Her Heartland Soul

  6. That is genius to start a subscription service for maternity clothes! It's all so cute! I LOVE that aqua top, too bad it didn't give you much room to grow!

  7. WOW, what a genius idea and so many great items too. Maternity clothes are much better since 2010 or so I'd say. I love the floral dress and the tunics. =)