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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kindergarten Ready: Superhero Activities

Grant is starting kindergarten this fall, and is home with me all summer. He had a blast in preschool, and I wanted to keep the momentum going, so I've decided to do about a half hour of "school" each day with Grant. I scoured Pinterest and created this Superhero Theme Board. Most of what I pinned was free, with a few of the activities costing a few bucks. Today I'm just going to share the "free" stuff with you. We've been doing it before we go do any activities outside of the house and Grant has been having a blast!

Today I thought I'd share some of the things we have done that have gone really well.  First, we are working on his twenty-five kindergarten sight words. He's got them down pretty well, but flashcards just aren't always the most fun to do, although, when bribed with a Skittle for each word he got right, Grant got right to work. When I came across this word smash idea, I knew it was pure genius. We have "played" it quite a few times and Grant has really enjoyed it!

This Superhero Curriculum pack is a gold mine! The activities vary from practice cutting, or letter practice, sorting practice, games, colors, etc. Grant has eagerly done a few of these each day and since it's all "superhero" themed, he has no complaints.

I also got Grant this pack of Superhero LEGO books. It comes with ten level one readers and two workbooks. Although the stores are not mindblowing, each book covers a phonetic sound with all the words that follow that sound in bold. It also have a lot of kindergarten sight words in it. Grant and I read them together, usually one each time we have school. He says the sight words he knows, and I read the rest.

This Superhero Curriculum Pack is also a goldmine. It actually goes up to second grade curriculum, which is awesome. Inside is cutting, pattern, letter, and sorting practice. The pdf is like 55 pages long, so I recommend, printing what makes sense for your child only.

Grant is a big fan of science and we have been doing a lot of "science experiments." This website has a ton of cool and easy science experiments that are loosely tied to superhero. I plan and doing more, but so far we have fog in a bottlemade it rain, and made cloud in a jar. I'm going to continue to do more from this list as we move onto different themes. Very cool stuff!

Here's another genius activities, this Superhero Scavenger Hunt! I'd seen a few other ideas about freezing superheroes in ice, but I loved the addition of the clues and the scavenger hunt. Grant loves it and had a blast!

We're also been working on math, but I haven't had much luck finding "superhero" math stuff. Generally we've been practicing writing numbers and using manipulatives to add. 

What about you? Are you doing summer curriculum with your kids?  What great ideas do you have?

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  1. Ah, Henry would go gaga over this! Thanks for sharing!