Clothed with Grace: Diaper Bag Essentials

Monday, November 16, 2015

Diaper Bag Essentials

As I've been getting ready for Hannah's appearance, one thing I've gotten ready is her diaper bag.  Last time around with Grant I started by carrying way to much stuff, so this time around it's all about the essentials.  I found a new (to me) diaper bag at Big Wheels to Butterflies; I'd planned on using Grant's, but when I got it out it had all these mysterious stains inside I don't remember being there five years ago.  I totally lucked out too, because this bag is still selling for $40 at Toys R Us! When picking a bag, I think it's important that it has a lot of pockets inside and out, to help with organization.  The purse I'm currently carrying is one big bag, and I can never find what I need.. When it comes to a baby, you need to be able to get to things quickly and with one hand. 

I also carry around ten diapers at all times, that way I only need to refill once a week or so, and not every time we leave the house.  With Grant, we were all about the Pampers, but I've heard with girls Huggies and Luvs are just fine, we'll see.

I also always carry my nursing cover with me.  This one is from Grant and I adore it, I think a fun print is key and I'm loving these options.  I'm not one to nurse just anywhere. If it's a girls' night in, I'll nurse with a cover, otherwise I tend to find mothers' room for privacy.

I also love Munchkin Diaper Bag Dispenser and Bags. A garbage isn't always in sight when it's time to change, so having a bag to put the diaper in and close up is so nice!

I also pack one spare outfit. Grant didn't have a lot of blow-outs or accidents, but having a spare outfit is really important for when these accidents happen. The bags above are great for keeping the yucky clothes contained as well. I love this little outfit from Gymboree.  If I'm being honest, I usually pack a spare outfit I don't love, because it stays in there more than it gets worn.

The last things I pack are bibs, wipes, and burp clothes.  Hannah probably won't need to wear a bib for a few months, but once Grant started needing a bib, we were going through them like crazy.  I also like to carry wipes in a re-usable container. I love this chevron print and it'll be easy to refill as needed. As for burp clothes, you can never have enough. Not only are then great for after feeding, but they are great for slobber too.

What about you?  What's in your diaper bag? Is there anything I'm missing?


  1. How cute! I can't believe you are packing already - time flies so fast. I didn't really bother with tissues or diapers/wipes because they give you everything in the hospital so don't bother. But I would take some make up and extra loose undies

    Anna // Happy Medley

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  3. I think you have it covered! You could always add in a snack or little toy for Grant. I always seem to need little things to keep the big bros occupied!

  4. I love to carry around hand sanitizer and a little pack of sanitizing wipes! It's super handy!

  5. You definitely packed almost identical diaper bag items (for a girl) like I did. I also carried a music toy and a plush toy when Vivian was a baby and one or two hair barrettes since my girl had lots of hair. =)

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