Clothed with Grace: Miss Hannah

Monday, May 2, 2016

Miss Hannah

Last week Hannah had her forth month check up and overall everything went well. We ended up having to switch pediatricians, because our original doctor, who has seen Grant for five years and now Hannah left the practice without much notice, which seemed totally out of character. We switched to another doctor who has seen the kids before and we like. Hannah has reached all her milestones, but she'd gained about 6 oz less than the doctor would like though. About a pound a month is what's average and Hannah has only gained 1 pound and 10 oz.  Now, in retrospect our original doctor wouldn't have been concerned, but the new doctor was and it got me all a twitter. Hannah eats well, doesn't seem unsatisfied after nursing, and I always seem to have milk. 

At the time though I really felt nervous for Hannah and worried. The doctor said with laid-back babies there can be less weight gain because they don't complain and just act content, which I guess I can see. We left with a plan to supplement formula after feedings if she empties me out and also to start rice cereal. 

Hannah also got all her shots and cried like she was going to die...not so laid-back when it comes to pain, that's for sure. That night I started watching the time when she was nursing. She usually nurses for about twenty minutes, but she nursed for nearly a half hour. I think I'd been assuming she was done at twenty when she wasn't. The next morning Hannah woke with a fever from her shots, so I got to stay home with her and she nursed for nearly a half hour each time that day too, and with the help of Tylenol got past her fever.

Staying with her for the day was the best and it was a good reminder that I need to slow down. I think I'd gotten so rushed in go back to school and trying to everything that I wasn't letting Hannah nurse as long as she'd like, although she never complained and always seemed content.  We have an appointment to do a weight check at five months and I'm thinking the introduction to cereal will help here too. She is simply the sweetest and I want to make sure I'm always doing what's best for her.

I really like all the elements in this outfit, although I admit it seems much more suited for fall than spring if I just switch out the wedges for booties, that is.  Regardless, it's a great outfit for work. Both this jacket and this top are thredUP finds.  The jacket, which is Sonoma brand was $9 and the top, which is Loft was $10, plus I had credits. I continue to be so excited about all the clothes I've found on thredUP (Use this link to get $10 off your first purchase). I'm not going to like, I probably have more things in my closet that I've gotten from thredUP than anything else. But seriously, with their great referral program and amazing prices and pieces I feel silly paying more anywhere else.

They also have free shipping on returns, which I've only had to do twice since they they have the measurements for each piece, so I know if something will generally fit. I've also gotten a lot of Hannah's clothes on their too. I'm a big fan of buying kids clothes second-hand when possible and thredUP has great name-brand pieces at great prices.

Jacket: Sonoma similar  via thredUP 
Top: Loft similar via thredUP 
Necklace: Chloe and Isabel c/o similar
Pants: Mossimo similar
Earrings: Nickel and Suede same
Wedges: Aerosoles similar c/o Chipmunk


  1. If you are still interested in seeing your previous pediatrician, see if he moved on to start his own practice. I know one of my doctors left a group practice and he wasn't allowed to tell any of his patients ahead of time, and the group wouldn't say anything about it because they want you to stay with them. Wouldn't hurt to check!

  2. I hope Hannah is feeling all better! I would say if you are concerned about doing the best for her, you probably already are! Your love for your kids always shines through here.


    PS. I LOVE that necklace!

  3. I think it's harder on the parents to see their children get shots than it is for the child! thredUP is such a great site. I definitely have the majority of my clothing from there!

  4. Poor Hannah! Shots are no fun, but it's so great you got to spend some extra time with her.

    I love this WHOLE outfit! So, so, so cute!

  5. I am glad Hannah is such a content baby. I think eventually she will gain the weight she needs to. I love this outfit. That jacket is great and such a pretty necklace.

  6. Shots are no fun. Glad you are happy with the new doctor.