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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summer Ready

Ok folks, I only have about two more weeks until Summer Break! (insert happy dance here) Today I'm going to share with you a list of things I'm looking forward to this summer:

1. Easy summer outfits I'm not going to lie I've wanted this dress since I saw it on both Katie and Shanna (who sadly isn't blogging anymore). But this dress. I. Love. It. The embroidery is so fun and the dress is definitely comfortable. I will say the length is borderline for anyone taller than 5'4", I also wore a slip underneath because it isn't lined, but for the price point, it's definitely worth it!

2. Sandals everyday, see you later heels! The ones I'm wearing today look exactly like  these Jack Rogers sandals, but I got them on for $15. I admit, I feel a bit like a fraud, but honestly, I can't justify spending $100 on sandals and I've already worn these a bunch and they are super comfortable.  Last summer I actually was thinking about buying the real deal, but I was pregnant and couldn't even fit them on my feet, for real. I'll take that as a sign ; )

3. Sleeping in- Ok, so for me sleeping in is 7:00,  but that's a whole extra hour each day!

4. All the coffee- I love easy mornings at home where I can hang out with the kids and polish off a pot of coffee. Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit, but a few cups in my jammies is pretty awesome.

5. The gym! We belong to the YMCA and I'm really looking forward to going there a few mornings a week. The childcare is free and actually pretty good too.

6. Playdates! I miss my mommy friends. I get to spend so much more face time with them in the summer and it's kind of the best!

7. The library! We have an amazing library and summer reading program. Grant and I were there a few times a week last summer for all the different free summer activities.

8. Outings with the kids! By summer I'm homing to get Hannah more into a morning and afternoon nap routine, but we'll see.  That should leave us from about 10-2 each day to go the zoo, park, etc. together.

9. Family Vacation! Every summer my mom rents a lake house for a week and we all go and swim, hang out, etc.  I am so excited for this!

Honestly, I feel badly for all of you who have to work all year long. As a teacher, I can't imagine. It'll be here for me before I know it, and over nearly as quickly. I'm planning to savor every moment!

I decided to try it with my denim jacket too, I'm not sure I love it....what do you think?

Dress: SheIn c/o  same
Sandals:  real deal
Earrings: Nickel and Suede same

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  1. What a pretty dress! I have both real deal & "inspired" jacks, and on your feet no one can tell the difference!

  2. Amen to coffee in jammies! It's so funny what a luxury it is for teachers to actually be able to drink coffee out of a normal (not travel) coffee mug while seated. Haha! I'm jealous that you only have a few weeks left! We go until the middle June.

  3. Love, love the dress and it's sold out!!

  4. I'm totally with ya on feeling badly for those who work all year. I LOVE summer!

  5. It looks like you are ready for summer with that dress. I hope you have a great break.

  6. LOVE that dress and the denim jacket gives it an extra bump! :)