Clothed with Grace: 7 Months Old

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

7 Months Old

It is hard to believe that Hannah will be 7 months old on Thursday! I have so enjoyed the time at home with her this summer!

Hannah has been learning and growing a lot too! She is crazy about her brother and the feeling is mutual! I'm sure there will come a time when they are annoyed with each other, but I'm going to soak up this mutual love as long as I can! 

The other night Hannah started dropping a toy from her high chair, Grant would pick it up and laugh, Hannah would laugh, then she'd drop it again-repeat. It was so cute and neat to see them really interacting. 

Hannah isn't crawling yet and she doesn't have any teeth either. Grant started crawling at about 7 months, and although Hannah can spin in circles using her hands, she's yet to army crawl or really crawl, I'm betting once she's back in daycare the peer pressure will get her moving. As for teeth, she's chewing on things like crazy, but I can't feel any teeth yet. We'll see when they decide to pop up.

I'm not sure how much longer Hannah will want to nurse. She's been getting really distracted, even when we're in the other room. I'd had to follow up with bottles a few times recently when she hasn't wanted to nurse for more than a few minutes. I nursed Grant until he was about 9 months, then he self weaned. We'll see how it goes.

Hannah has mostly been sleeping through the night, which is pretty much amazing. I've found if she does stir, it's between 4-5 in the morning and she'll end up nursing for a couple of minutes, then go right back to sleep. I'll tell you what, it is nice not feeling like I need to drink a million cups of coffee each day and still fall asleep on the couch at 8:00. Thank you, sweet baby, for helping me feel more like a normal person again!

We simply adore Hannah and have been having the best time with her. Her bright smile and loving nature have just made our family complete!


  1. She is precious and what a beautiful smile! My husband and I adopted our son when he was 9 months old, and he had his two lower teeth, but he gnawed on everything while he was teething. His favorite thing was gnawing on wood. He chewed his high chair, our bed, his crib. I can't bring myself to part with those items because of those precious teeth marks.

  2. She is seriously too cute! So glad you're getting more sleep! We've been getting just an extra hour of consecutive sleep and it does wonders! Lucy even slept from 10p-5a one night on vacation and let me tell you, we rode that energy into the next day. How refreshing!!

    1. It is crazy the difference a good nights sleep makes!

  3. Awww Hannah is a doll and hard to believe she is 7 months already. I love that little throw and pickup game she played with Grant. I wish their bond only grows stronger. I love her dress, too.

  4. Hannah is so sweet and adorable! Her picture really shows her happy personality.

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