Clothed with Grace: Turning to Things Instead of Jesus

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Turning to Things Instead of Jesus

If I've learned anything from being a mom, it's that your kids do a very good job of calling it like it is. Just recently I was driving through Scooters, a local coffee chain, to get an iced coffee. Grant asked from the back seat, "Mom, why do you allllwwwwaaayysss stop to get coffee?" My reply, "Because you two wear me out. Mommy is tired." 

Honest, yes....but here lay the problem. Lately I have found myself trying to get rid of stress with things, such as coffee or shopping. I may only get coffee a couple times a week, but it's expensive and not healthy. As for shopping, can cause me to pull the trigger on something I don't need in a weak moment of stress.

Hannah is just now finally sleeping through the night, hallelujah! Prior to this I could not bear to pull myself out of bed early to do my devotions or do them during the once brief hour I have to myself while Hannah takes a nap and I send Grant to his room, so time with God was really hit or miss. No wonder I've been tired, I haven't been refueling with Jesus, I've been trying to refuel with the wrong things! Duh. 

Now that I'm not nearly as tired, the time for excuses has come and gone, I'm getting back on track with my daily time with God. I have a devotional ready, and although I know it might not go perfectly all the time, I know I'm a better mom and wife when I'm in the word daily. It's in those moments of stress I need to stop and pray, instead of reaching for something that will simply pacify for a short period of time. I owe it to myself and my family!

This romper had been on my wish list for awhile, I was just waiting for it to go on sale, so when it did for 50% off, I scooped it up! I love it with this mint cardigan, but I've also worn it with my other colors of the Caryn cardigan from J.Crew Factory too.

Romper: Loft same / Cardigan: J.Crew Factory same / Shoes: DV sold out


  1. I love this mint and palm print together! Such a cute look!

    Thank you for the reminder that nothing satisfies us like Jeses does. Happy Thursday!

  2. The romper is adorable with the cardigan, I will have to try it :)

  3. Kids are really great at bringing us to realizations! Aida has made me realize I need to chill out! We'll try new things and I will spend the whole time freaking out and being anxious because I'm like "well Aida needs to nurse! Aida needs to nap!" etc, etc. Meanwhile Aida is totally fine and loving life, and I'm the one who is getting all worked up for nothing.

  4. This romper looks so cute on you! -Melissa

  5. Amen! I had a similar realization about a week ago. I picked up my devotions journal and my last entry was a month ago!! Now I make sure to get in the Word before going to bed each night. (No, I still can't pull myself out of bed early.) Abram and I had really been struggling, and I was trying so many different discipline methods. Of course, the day after I prayed about it and asked for God's wisdom and guidance in this new season of parenting, we found something that worked for us.

    1. Im so glad you've found something that works with Abram, I feel like we're still working with Grant, some days are great...some are not. BUT when I'm spending time with God the days tend to be much better!

  6. The print on that romper is so cute. I've been seeing that romper a lot and I like it more the more I see it.