Clothed with Grace: Perspective

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Last week Grant spent a couple of days at my parents' house. He and Hannah are the only grandkids, and luckily my parents live close and have always had a close relationship with us. Grant and Grandma have been on more adventures than I can count, and a few times a year he'll go to spend a few days with them.

It is crazy how only having to take care of one child instead of two feels like a vacation. Perspective is everything, right? Brian and I had two nights to ourselves, because Hannah goes to bed at about 7:00 and Grant doesn't usually go to bed until 8:00. We've recently started watching a series on Netflix together, so we had some extra time to talk, watch our show, and hang out.

During the two days while Grant was gone Hannah took two long naps each day and it gave me so much more time to myself, which is basically non-existent otherwise. It was so nice, but man, I missed Grant! Even though he has been more challenging at times lately and boys seem to be made of messes and noise, it was too quiet around here. I can find myself wishing for a break in the midst of the craziness, but then I get one and realize it's more than I needed. Now a break every now and then is nice, of course, and Grant always has so much fun with my parents, but my family matters more to me than being apart from them does.  Perspective is everything, right?

Two summers ago these shorts were my favorite. I didn't get to wear them last summer due to my pregnancy, so I was excited to pull them out again this summer. In the past I wore them with more structured tops, which is difficult for nursing, so I thought this top from Old Navy would work perfectly! I will admit I ended up wearing my  Vionic sandals instead. I love wedges with shorts for a night out, but I'd look pretty silly running errands in wedges around here.

top: Old Navy same 
shorts: Loft similar
Necklace: Online boutique (I can't remember which) almost exact
earrings: Nickel & Suede same
Wedges: DV (Target) similar


  1. Love the bright pink accent with the tassel, perfect with the navy!

  2. Those shorts are amazing and I love how they look on you. Yes, having time for yourself is rare when you have kids. Glad you got some quality time with your hubby =)

  3. Such a fun outfit! You've been able to pair those wedges with so many things this summer! (Even if you did end up wearing other shoes out - they look great with this outfit for going out!)

    I also love wedges with shorts for going out - and have to remind myself when I see wedges on sale that I don't need ONLY wedges for the summer!