Clothed with Grace: Life Lately

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Life Lately

Here's a little look at life lately. : )

I haven't been shopping, like at all, but I was recently at Target with Hannah and saw this vest on clearance for $17! I've already worn it twice. : ) It had been on my wishlist for this fall, but I never saw any in stores and worried about buying online, as I wasn't sure of quality or fit. This fits true to size and the quality is great! I also recently got these earrings.  I saw them first on and ordered a few pair as they were so inexpensive and since then have gotten a few more. I love them and they are only $12!

On the same Target trip I found this dress for Hannah for $5. It took all my energy not to buy it in her current size, but Girlfriends needs clothes for her current size like a hole in the head, so I got it for next fall. So. Cute.

Like I need a reason, but we went to Target on this day because a super thoughtful reader sent me an e-giftcard for Starbucks. So nice! Sis is also a big fan of the free cookies in the bakery. ; )

This year I'm working to make the verse below mine and spend time focusing on the good all around me.

Grandma got Hannah two of the cutest dresses for Christmas this year. I love how soft this one is. So sweet!

This gingham dress, I can't even!

Hannah also has a lot of clothes I wish came in my size and she's been having so much fun with her Christmas presents too!


  1. I'm so excited about those earrings, thank you for sharing them! I always love your outfits!

  2. Little girl dresses are so fun! Great find on the vest, too!! Those earrings are great and reasonable. I buy A Pretty Pear leather earrings. They're similarly priced.

    1. Buying for girls is the best and worst. I have to tell myself, when to say when!

  3. So sweet! Good for you for getting the dress for next fall - I know you will be so excited for her to wear it! And GREAT find on that vest! Happy New Year!