Clothed with Grace: The Magnolia Story

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Magnolia Story

Recently, The Magnolia Story was at my Little Free Library. I actually knew nothing about Chip or Joannna. I'd also never watched "Fixer Upper." I had only heard of Magnolia Market as a friend mentioned going there. That being said, I really enjoyed the book. Both Chip and Joanna wrote sections of each chapter, feeding on each other's thoughts, like a conversation.

I ended up watching an episode of "Fixer Upper" and really enjoyed it, and getting to know them through the book made the show even cooler. I think it's really neat how they really are each other's "better half" and how well Joanna handles all of Chip's crazy ideas and how Chip obviously loves and honors Joanna.

One of the parts of the book that really struck out to me was when Joanna realized a lot of her designing within the arch of sir homes was what she wanted and not "kid friendly," then she'd spend half the day picking up after them go make it pretty and unhappy the whole time. It was when she saw their were black finger prints on her couch that she realized she'd been doing it backwards. It was then she started to think about designing her home so it was a place the kids loved and felt was their own. I love this and the mid shift she went though.

I also loved how Chip and Joanna showed how God was important to them and part of the journey all the time. So often we don't hear people in the limelight talk about God, so it was refreshing.

I think it's safe o say "Fixer Upper" is not on the list of shows I want to watch and I really enjoyed reading their story.


  1. I am reading the same it and them !

  2. I saw their book at Lifeway which is a Christian book store and I found that kind of cool.

    1. Yes, it definitely shows how they live their lives with God in the front seat.

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