Clothed with Grace: Five Simple Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Monday, February 20, 2017

Five Simple Tips for Decluttering Your Home

I'm going to level with you. I feel like I do a pretty good job of keeping house, but there have just not been enough minutes in the day to declutter the way I'd like to. Luckily, Gordmans has some great bins and totes to help me get organized and decluttered.

Today I thought I'd share five tips to help you get decluttered in your home too.

1. Get the kids involved. Grant is six now and definitely old enough to take care of keeping his room clean. He started asking for allowance and I said that was fine, but he has to make his bed, keep his floor cleaned, clothes put away, and take care of his plate at dinner. He has been doing a great job, but the one thing neither he nor I knew how to tackle was his dresser. Case in point:

Yikes. It always looks like this too. Luckily Gordmans has a great Hulk storage container. I gave Grant the instructions that if he had any "treasure" he wanted to keep, it has to fit in the Hulk bin. He went to work and he's the result:

The bin sits easily next to his bed and all the little trinkets and treasure he gets now have a home!

Getting Grant involved in the process of taking care of his space has helped him to be more mindful of the messes he makes, and when I ask him to pick up, he does it without arguing. Win, win!

2. Look for storage bins that fit your decor. Even though we have a toy room in the basement, I still have some of Hannah's toys upstairs, as she needs things to play with while I'm busy making dinner, etc. I had the twos in two bins from her room, but they stuck out like a sore thumb.

I found this wicker trunk at Gordmans for only only $25. It fits Hannah's toys in it perfectly and makes me feel like I'm not surrounded with nonsense.

It blends in well with our room and is unobtrusive, which I love.

3. Tackle the closets. For me, this is the part I dread. I tend to stick things in I don't know what to do with and then I mis-use essential space. Take for example Grant's closet. Oy. 

I took the time to pull everything down from up top and most of it could be thrown away or moved to our storage room. I also sorted his tops. He has two bins down below. One for shoes and one for costumes. I had him pick up the things on the floor and put them in their respective bin.

4. Use Space Efficiently. In Hannah's closet I had attempted to add in a shelf for extra storage, but it was totally messy, as was the space above. See, I'm a shover.

Just like Grant's closet, a lot of the things above could be thrown away. I also folded and straightened up the shelf.

5. Get rid of unused or unnecessary things. Our hall closet has become a mish-mash of towels and toys. It's hard to get anything out without making something topple. 

I took everything out and sorted it. There were some toys and puzzles Grant has outgrown that we can donate, as well as some out, worn-out towels. I moved all the Play-doh stuff into one bin and stacked the games in a way that will be easy to get out too. Small effort, big impact.

Now that things are decluttered, it's easy to use the space we have and enjoy it. If you're in need of decluttering, I'd definitely recommend Gordmans. They have lots of great things to help you get started!


  1. Closets are so hard. The boys' closet downstairs is not used well at all, but I don't know what to do about it!

  2. I love organizing!!! You did a great job, don't you love the feeling of accomplishment? Good luck with keeping up with it- that is half the battle.