Clothed with Grace: Hannah

Thursday, February 9, 2017


I feel like so many things have changed in this past month or so with Hannah. She got her tubes at the end of December, and now that she's feeling well, it's obvious how much her darn infected ears were impacting her each day.

First off, she's eating so well! Honestly, during the whole month of December all she wanted was bottles and I didn't push real food, as I made that mistake with Grant as a baby and projective vomited. I was really upset at Hannah's year check when she didn't gain any weight from 11-12 months, but knew it was due to how she was feeling.

We just did a weight check about a week ago and she's gained over a pound and a half since then. Girlfriend is eating so well and loves milk from a sippy cup, bye-bye bottles!

Hannah also hasn't woke up once at night since her tubes. Prior to that she was still up at least once a night. I thought she was hungry, but I think it was just because she felt awful. Poor girl. Now, she's down and 7 and sleeps until about 7 the next morning. Yesssss.

She's also nailed it in the walking department. Prior to her tubes she was trying so hard to walk, but still teetered around quite a bit. I kid you not, within a few hours of being home from her operation she was walking around like a normal person. My bet is her equilibrium was off due to her ears.

One of the biggest changes has been how much more she is saying. Prior to tubes she said "da-da" "da" for dog, and "mamama" for mom. Now, she's gotten down: "daddy," "doggy," "puppy," "mama," "boof, boof" (dog noise), "bye-bye" (with wave at right time), "ni-ni" (bedtime). She's also trying to say brother and more. Huge difference in a month.

She's also so happy playing and discovering the world around here. I still call her the "Tiny Tornado," because she leaves messes where ever she goes, but things like climbing onto furniture and learning how to climb up stairs and get back down on her tummy is a huge accomplishment.

We haven't had much snow-not that I'm complaining. But she got a small taste when it went up to 50 degrees and the bit we had began to melt. She was totally fascinated. She is at such a fun age!


  1. Wow! What a difference her tubes made. So glad those got taken care of. She sounds like such a fun and busy baby. 😁

  2. Thanks for sharing - so many cool changes in such a short time. Happy she is feeling better and can have some FUN now!

  3. What a sweet girl! I'm glad she's doing well with her tubes!

  4. Both of my nephews had to get tubes and they are the better for it. So happy Hannah is too. I love the pictures of her and Grant together!