Clothed with Grace: Valentine's Day Gifts for Toddles

Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Day Gifts for Toddles

Valentine's Day Gifts

Since getting to work with The Baby Cubby during Christmas, I have become the biggest fan. Hannah is loving all of her birthday and Christmas gifts from them, so it only made sense to look to them again for a Valentine's Day Surprise.

We don't go all out, but the kids do each get something special, along with a card. Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite things that would be great for your toddler too!

First up, is this necklace. It is sooo cute and I adore the sweet little charms. At only $10 it's the perfect treat too!

I also love this umbrella. It's only $15 and so cute! There's also a dog and bee option too. Adorable.

I am also absolutely crazy about this chalk book and dustless chalk for both Grant and Hannah. It's perfect for the car or even church and I love the idea of creating stories or just doodling.

Hannah got these Tegu magnetic blocks for Christmas and they are the best! I love the storage container and they are also perfect for on the go quiet activities. Grant has also enjoyed them and I think they would be the perfect surprise for Valentine's Day too.

I also got this adorable headband from the Baby Cubby, but it's now sold out, they have a ton of other cute ones though.

Hannah also got these puzzle blocks for Christmas and they are awesome. You can make six different puzzles and they are great for building towers too.

Hannah also love to haul around this unicorn stuffed animal. I've tried to capture it in pictures numerous times, but it's always a blur with Hannah's quick toddler action. It's pretty much the cutest though.

Lastly is probably more of a present for you than your kiddo, but that's ok.  ; ) Hannah got one of these EZPZ mats for dinner and they are amazing! They stay in place and for a child who likes to pick up and play with a normal plate, this one is a lifesaver. I can't say enough about how great they are.

So, as you're preparing for Valentine's Day, think about these great treats for your toddler from The Baby Cubby, I know they'll love them!

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