Clothed with Grace: Saving Money with ThredUP

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Saving Money with ThredUP

 ThredUP continues to be one of my favorite places to shop when I'm in need of clothes.  With so much "fast fashion" out there, the amount of waste created by clothing continues to climb, so utilizing places like thredUP, where you can buy gently used or new clothing is not only better for the environment, it's also easier on your wallet.  

Today I thought I'd share how I shop thredUP and show you some of the things I scored too.

I've heard people say they find thredup's site overwhelming or they can't find anything and I think this is such a bummer, because there are gems on thredUP just waiting to be found! Today I thought I'd share some tips with you all to help make shopping on  thredUP easier for you.

First, once you're on their website, it's best to utilize the column on the left-hand side.  You can search specifically by your size, it will also do size equivalent. If you select "medium" it will also bring up anything else that is size 8-10. I often find some really cool things simply searching by size.

Another way to search is to add in favorite brands and stores.  It'll save these for you too. When first shopping on here I only bought brands I was familiar with, as I was concerned about fit.  There has only been one time in which I've gotten something from  thredUP that didn't fit. Returns are easy and you'll get a refund on your card within about two weeks. 

I do like to search by brand though, as I know what to expect when I get clothes from a brand I know.

The third way to search is to enter a "key word" in the search box.  I found my favorite cream sweater, leopard print skirt, and denim jacket this way.  Before buying full price or in a store, I like to see what thredUP has. It's saved me a lot of money!

On the left there is also a way to search by category of clothes too. Say, you need tops, you can just search them in your size, etc. 

 thredUP has perks for users too. If you sign up using this thredUP link, you'll get $20 off your first order and I'll get a $20 credit too. Much of what I've gotten has been free because of this! 

Here are a few of my favorite thredUP finds:

                             Lumeire Dress                                                   J.Crew Dress

                                Merona Skirt                                                 Gap Denim Jacket

                            Everly Blouse                                                      Ann Taylor Sweater

This Kate Spade bag and these Betsey Johnson shoes

These clothes for our Hannah: They are all Gap, Janie and Jack and Gymboree and they cost $5-10 each and most had tags!

I've continued to get clothes for Hannah since this first batch when I was pregnant. I've never been disappointed with the quality and the prices are great! 

So, what are you waiting for! Give thredUP a try, I promise you won't be disappointed!


  1. I go in ebbs and flows with buying things on Thred Up, but it's such a great place to shop!

  2. I try on ThredUp and most often give up. I do have a Mexican vacation coming up so that is a good reason to try again using your tips.

    1. Yes, definitely perfect for vacation shopping since summer clothes aren't in stores yet.

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