Clothed with Grace: Daily Style

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Daily Style

Today I thought I'd share some daily outfits, as I haven't posted real outfit pictures in for very much. I'd honestly like to go back to one outfit a week, but it's just not working great with Hannah, and that's ok.

I really like this outfit. My top is from Loft, but a few years old. I'm loving this version though. I'm also crazy about these wedges Vionic sent me about a month ago. I've worn them quite a bit and know they'll be on constant rotation this spring!

I also just got these wedges from I'm loving blush and these right up my alley. The heels did rub the second time I wore them, I'm hoping that gets better with wear. 

Brian and I went out for a date night last Friday, so I pulled up my navy kimono I got from Shein last year. This one is pretty similar, if you're interested. These booties from Sole Society have been on constant rotation this winter and have worn so well too. I think I'll still keep them out for a few more weeks as the weather has been pretty fickle.

 I'm also crazy about this jacket I got from Shein last year too. This one from JC Penney is only $19! I'm also crazy about these flats I got last spring! These are the lace-up version (mine are elastic)  and currently on sale too!

I have not been shopping much but I have gotten a couple of tops from Loft since Christmas. This is one of them. This top is sold out but I personally think Loft is killing it with there prints this spring. I love this top and about fifteen other ones... I also got this gray cardigan and a burgundy one last fall I have worn like crazy. This one is currently on super sale and so cute!

I also got this top, which is also on sale now. I love it and know I'll wear it a ton this spring/summer too!


  1. I agree about Loft killing it this season. The last few years everything has been so bland, but this spring has been awesome!

  2. I love your layers and the camo jacket is my fave!

  3. All of your outfits are so cute and chic. You are a stylin' mom! Thanks for sharing. - Amy

  4. Remind me where you get your earrings? So cute

    1. I get from bot Nickel and Suede and The Leather Drop on Etsy.