Clothed with Grace: Little Sis

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Little Sis

You guys. Last week the struggle was pretty real around here on the  weeknights.  It seemed like the second I picked Hannah up from school she didn't want to leave my side or be put down. Then, if I did put her down she wailed and wailed, and I have to admit that baby crying is my kryptonite. I totally couldn't deal. 

Then, when I did put her down for dinner, (which was super fun to make while holding a baby by the way), she'd be pretty happy to eat, until I sat down, then she cried and reached for me and wouldn't stop until she'd be sitting on my lap eating. It was exhausting and it made me so sad that she felt like she's sad without me.

The weird thing was that once the weekend came she was happy and content the whole time. She played, let me make dinner and clean up, and did her own thing. I don't remember Grant going through a phase like this, so I totally at a loss. Her school says she's happy, so I just didn't get it. 

Then, just as I was starting to get worried, she's been great so far this week in the evenings. She's been pretty content and happy. Little Sister is full of personality, that's for sure! That's kids for you though, they can seem to change with the weather and I guess I need to just roll with the punches. 

Update on Grant too, I shared that we started a marble system with him late last week and it's going really well! 


  1. Lucy's going through a phase of wanting to be with Daddy all the time. She says his name all day, and if he's in sight, she'll cry until he picks her up. It's nice not to be the one needed all the time, but mommy hormones are weird and I get all emotional thinking she doesn't like me. πŸ™„πŸ˜ And thanks for sharing about the marble jar. I was telling my mom about it yesterday on the phone as I vented about Abram's terrible behavior on Monday. I need something to not only punish bad behavior but reinforce good behavior. I didn't come up with anything but telling him I'd take his toys and tv time away did the trick, yesterday at least. Even at lunch he asked me if he still got to play with his toys. Whew. These kids are the best but man, they're exhausting.

    1. I went through a phase with Grant where he just cried for Grandma and that was tough. It's hard to not take it personally. I'm sure you and Miss Lucy will have lots of years of girl time in the future. Ah, it's pretty awesome just thinking about it for myself with Hannah.
      As for discipline, I think this is the hardest part of parenting. As a teacher my kids listen so easily, so I don't undersntad when Grant makes it hard. Hope it gets better with Abram soon, if I've learned anything it's to stuck to my guns-it can sometimes feel like a hostage negotiation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜³