Clothed with Grace: Life Lately

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Life Lately

 We have definitely been keeping busy, here's a look at life lately!

I have really been making an effort not to do a lot of shopping, plus I still have my winter clothes out, so I don't really know what I need, but when this top went 40% off and they only had my size left, I knew I needed to nab it. So cute! The cardigan and ankle pants are also Loft but from last year.

I just started this book and it's a good one! It takes place in the past in Iceland. Two girls and a guy are accused of killing two men and have been convicted, but there's more to the story. Now one of the girls has been moved to live with the major's family in the town where the murder occurred due to budget issues until the execution can be carried out. Du, du, du.

 Outfits like this have been my jam for most of the this winter: cardigan, graphic tee, and jeans or ankle pants.

I love our Little Free Library! We always hit it up on walks. Grant, Hannah and I all found books!

Speaking of, I found this one, which happens to be the next book for book club! Yes!

We were able to spend a lot of time outside last weekend. Hannah is crazy about the sandbox! I need to go get some new sand toys and we could probably use some more sand too.

I also got out this little picnic table that was mine and my sisters as a kid. Love!

We've also been playing out front a lot and Hannah is on a mission to investigate everything. Including our front porch.


  1. Hey lady, can you tell me about your shoes in the above pics? Brand and whether or not they are comfy? I'm looking for a pair of nude shoes and I like the look of yours above. I have been graphic tee crazy this winter too!

    1. Both the nude and black are Steve Madden and super comfy. Real suede, so they stretch and your feet breather. I got a pair of basic nude flats this fall that are Sam Edelman felicias and I love them too-kind of pricey though.

  2. You look fantastic, even in your "normal" clothes. I love the comfort of skinny jeans, graphic tees and cardis. Your kids are so cute and I love that you guys have one of those little free libraries. One of our local metro parks has one. They are fun, cuz you never know what will be in there. - Amy

  3. I've been loving being outside lately! Yay for spring! We need to hit up a little free library!

  4. Cute outfits! I love lace up shoes too! Have a great weekend!