Clothed with Grace: Life Lately

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Life Lately

Today I thought I'd share what's been going on lately via some pictures I've shared on Instagram.

First off, we have a new normal at our house, Grant is officially a Kindergartener!  School is going really well. He is loving his teacher and is making new friends and has been on the "good color" each day when his report comes home.

On the first day I got to walk him in and we got a class picture. How cute is this bunch!

The school year is going really well too. I decided to do some goal setting with my kids. Each one of them picked a short term goal they want to meet by the end of this month. It could be anything, school, social, organizational, whatever. Once the meet it, they get to move their sticky note to the "Achieved" bulletin board and we get to celebrate them and I give them a treat too.  The kids are loving it and I can't wait to see how many meet their goal by the end of the month!

 I've started shopping for our little girl!  Did you know thredUP sells kids clothes???? All the clothes I got were $5-10 a piece and brands like Gymboree, Gap, and Janie and Jack. Many still had tags too.  Baby girl is going to be styling!!! Use this link to get $20 off your first purchase!

Lastly, I've loved getting a more focused quiet time now that school is back in session.  I was recently reminded that God loves and forgives us not because of anything we're done or us being "good enough." He loves and forgives us because He is. I find so much peace in this!


  1. You got such darling little girl clothing! What great deals!

  2. What a cute kindergarten class!

    Her Heartland Soul

  3. Looks like things are going well. So glad Grant is loving K!

  4. Oooh! Those are such sweet clothes. I miss those newborn days for sure...

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