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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thirty-One Gifts

Recently I was contacted about trying about some great Thirty-One pieces by Jennifer. I already have a few things, like the utility tote, which I love, and a few of the car organizers like the Hang-Up Activity Organizer, but I didn't have a Thirty-One bag.

While looking though their catalog I found a ton of pieces I loved like Diamond District Bag and the Canvas Crew Carry-All, but when I saw Canvas Crew Tote, I knew I'd found a winner. Plus it's the first thing I have that is monogrammed, so I'm pretty excited about that too!

What drew me to this bag  was it's versatility and size. During the summer it's perfect for heading to the pool or splash park.

Grant and I spend a lot of time running around and I really needed a go-to bag to carry along everything we need.

It's also obvious the quality and craftsmanship that's been put into this bag too. I love the structure and the details! It also comes in a few different styles and prints, which is a very cool thing about Thirty-One pieces.

I also got to try a few accessories as well. I got to try Mini Zipper Pouch and Zipper Pouch. I got to pick the prints I loved. There were so many cute ones and the fabric is really heavy duty too.

How cute is Mini Zipper Pouch! It's perfect for holding my keys, license, cash, and i.d. when we go to the pool. However, it's also perfect for keeping all the random things in the bottom of my purse in one place, like my chapstick, brush, and nail file. Plus, it's monogrammed! It's easy to personalize Thirty-One pieces.

I'm also a big fan of the Zipper Pouch! It's the perfect size for it Ipad but it also works well to hold an snacks Grant and I might need when we're out and about too.

As I mentioned above, I love the Canvas Crew Carry-All's versatility. Once school starts again it'll be perfect for taking my laptop back and forth from school, as well as any school work I need to bring home. It'll work perfectly to carry my workout clothes for the gym too!

Getting these pieces from Thirty-One  has been great! I know I'll get a ton of use out of them, and I highly recommend checking out all the great pieces that Thirty-One has to offer. You don't have to wait to be invited to a show, it's super easy to shop right here!

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  1. Once you get one monogram, the obsession will begin! :) cute bags and so perfect for staying organized!

  2. I have a few Thity-One bags and love them. That tote is adorable!

  3. The tote looks really nice. I like that it can be used year round.

  4. The bag is too cute and looks like the perfect size!

  5. I love 31 bags too! I use the organizers under my sink in my bathroom. Love your new school tote! Susan

  6. Wow Ginny!!! These products are perfect for you! I love when function meets fashion!

    Enjoy these fun items! It has been my pleasure to serve YOU!

    Jennifer Pasalakis

  7. Thrity One is so great. I'm a huge fan of the large utility tote!

  8. That bag is too cute. Huge congrats on the baby girl. Yeaaaay for girls!

  9. You are so cute! I love that top!

    Her Heartland Soul

  10. This bag looks awesome! Stylish, but also able to hold a whole lot haha.