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Monday, March 7, 2016


Today is my third day back to work, and the first few days were great. Thursday morning started with numerous texts and Facebook comments from my dear friends wishing me luck, which really meant the world to me. Brian was out of town, so I had to get Grant, Hannah, and myself to three separate places. Grant's best friend lives right up the street and his mom, who is now aa good friend of mine, was sweet enough to let Grant hang out there, then take him to school. I got Hannah dropped off and made it to school on time.

Once again my heart was full as I had so any people say they were glad to have be back. My long-term sub was great, however, I'd heard there had been some management issues, which is to be expected. Thankfully, the kids did great, and I was able teach as if I'd never been gone. Insert huge sigh of relief!

I'm quickly reminded of  how fast the days fly by, but I'm ready to jet out of school at 3:40 to go get Hannah. She has been doing really well and they said she's a great baby, which I didn't doubt ;) . I do get to spend such limited time with her though, since she's usually asleep by 7:00, that's the hardest part. I miss her face. School going well makes this transition much easier, but I'm definitely going to soak up our family time and countdown the time until summer break.

Last week these floral lace up shoes arrived from Norstom and I couldn't wait to wear them.  I splurged and bought these lace up shoes in black a few weeks before, and it's safe to say the style is my new favorite trend.  I wore this last Friday to work these boyfriend jeans, which I got last spring and love because they aren't super loose, which is not flattering on me at all, and my Merona tee. They are my favorite go-to for basics and this cardigan  I scored from thredUP (Use this link to get $10 off your first purchase).

Cardigan: J.Crew via thredUP (Use this link to get $10 off your first purchase).
Top: Merona  change
Necklace: Stella and Dot 
Jeans: Old Navy  same
Shoes: BP  same

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  1. Love the shoes! I feel like floral flats can spice up any outfit!

  2. I absolutely love how springy this outfit is! The floral flats+lilac cardigan is an amazing combination.

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