Clothed with Grace: How to Create a Bedtime Routine with Huggies Diapers

Monday, March 28, 2016

How to Create a Bedtime Routine with Huggies Diapers

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One of the first things I remember learning as a new mom was the importance of creating a bedtime routine with your kids.  Even babies like to know what to expect, so starting a routine early will make things easier for both them and you.  Today I'm going to share with you our evening routine for Hannah, with the help of Huggies diapers from Kroger at Bakers. 

Hannah still takes four naps during the day, with her last one being from about 5-6, which works perfectly now for me to make dinner and eat with Brian and Grant.  Once she's awake, she'll nurse, then we'll start our bedtime routine.

When Hannah as first born, she was not a fan of the bath, now she really likes it and only cries when I take her out. We've used Johnson's baby wash with Grant since he was a baby, and still do actually.  Our pediatrician said to keep using it as long as his hair and body get clean, so we use the same with Hannah too.  When it comes to Hannah's bath I really work to make sure I get all her little crevices, and between her toes and inside her little fists.  It can be easy to miss those spots, but honestly, those seem to be her dirtiest parts. I also get under her chin and neck well, as spit up can hang out there.

Grant now takes a bath or shower on his own and will stay in there for quite awhile, which is just fine with Brian and I, I have a feeling Hannah will be the same way. Once Hannah is good and clean, it's time to dry her off, put on her diaper, and put on some lotion.

Huggies diapers are great, with up to 12 hours of protection and a triple layer to stop leaks that get Hannah through the night.  She still wakes up once to eat, but with Huggies diapers I don't have to change her diaper. Just eating keeps Hannah nice and relaxed, getting us both back to sleep sooner!

As for Lotion, we use Johnson's baby lotion for every-day use.  If Hannah's skin is super dry we us Aquafur, which a friend introduced me to.  It's evidently also great for diaper rashes, although we haven't had to worry about that with Hannah yet.

Once Hannah is diapered and moisturized we usually put on her pajamas, but recently it's been getting warm and we haven't put the air on yet. Hannah seems to enjoy a bit of play time only in her diaper, so who am I to argue. Huggies diapers are made to absorb quickly, so I don't need to worry about leaks as she's wildly kicking her legs on her blanket.  One of her favorite activities, by the way.

As a teacher, reading is obviously important to me, so reading before bedtime is a great habit to start. We read this book to Grant, now he can help read it to Hannah. My suggestion is to start with short board books when reading with your baby. Now that Grant is in school, we've graduated from picture books to him listening to chapter books or reading level 1 or 2 books to me.

After a bit of play and reading, it's time for Hannah to put on her pajamas and get ready for bed, usually about 7:00.

Like I said above, even babies like routine, so I always place her in her crib with her pacifier in her mouth, cover her up, turn on her mobile, and tell her I love her.  Since the time change, it's still light around here, which Hannah adjusted to quickly.

Hannah usually goes to sleep pretty quickly and with little to no help from us. I definitely think sticking to a routine helps, and thanks to Huggies diapers I don't have to worry about a leaky diaper interrupting her sweet dreams.

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