Clothed with Grace: Desert Song

Monday, March 14, 2016

Desert Song

Getting to help lead worship at my church is one of my favorite things. Recently we sang Desert Song by Hillsong. If you want to start your Monday off right you should give this song a listen. ; )


"All of my life in every season, you are still God, I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship."

The above lyrics really resonate with me. It can be so easy to worship God when times are good, or to take Him for granted during those times and think we have it covered. However, we are called to worship him always. I am very guilty of beginning to rely on myself when it's smooth sailing in my life and take for granted the good God is doing and has done.  I'll think all the good times are due to something I have done.

Things are going pretty good right now, I'm in a peak, not a valley. But, I know the valley will come and it'll be a lot easier to face it when I'm in fellowship with God now, so I'm equipped to handle the battle. I've heard before the phone analogy that God should be on our speed dial as BFF, not 911. Our constant communication with Him makes the tough times not so bad, instead of waiting until our metaphorical house is burning down before we finally ask for help.

I'm not sure where you are today, but regardless of the season, God is there for us, and yes, we have a reason to sing!

If you read daily, you might notice that this tunic is the same as this one I have in navy. I got the navy one at a boutique in K.C. for $36, which is typically more than I spend on a top, but it was unlike anything I had or saw in my normal stores.  Well, what do you, one day the one I'm wearing today showed up on for $7.99, yes, obviously the price margin at the boutique (gulp) pretty high.  I love navy one, so I got this one too.  It's long enough for leggings, which is great too!

Tunic: (can't find a similar to link)
Leggings: Old Navy similar
Necklace: Accessory Jane almost exact
Shoes: Steve Madden same


  1. Love that this top is one piece, makes the layered look so easy!

  2. I love the bright details in this outfit! the floral shirt and tassel necklace are amazing.