Clothed with Grace: Life Now

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Life Now

It's hard to believe I'm more than a month into school and it is going really well. I had some anxiety going into the year, as our curriculum changed over the summer with no notice or time to plan. It has really worked out for the best, though! I feel like a first year teacher again, having to create all new plans, which is not awesome, but I think it's just what I needed. 

After 12 years of teaching I'd gotten into a groove and was only making "tweaks" to units each year, not having to start from scratch. I feel excited about the new plans, the one downfall is a lack of "down time" at school. I used to be able to read when the kids read, or during plan when I was caught up, and that never happens now. I always have a big to-do list and barely have time to breathe. 

The same is true at home, I am always busy! I've found that if I don't spend an hour on the weekend blogging, it won't get done once the week roles around. I'm honestly not sure how much longer I want to keep this hobby up. I still like to look nice, but fashion definitely isn't a priority, nor is spending much time sharing and amplifying my posts on social media. I can't even remember the last time I was even on Pinterest, and that used to suck a good hour of time from my life each evening. And Twitter? I think I might even delete it.

I also wonder if I have anything worth saying or showing to you all. There are times when I feel like I have something worthwhile to share and am excited to write. Other times I feel like it's obligation, quite honestly. I'm not ready to sing my swan song yet, but I figured some honesty is good. 

This top just came in the mail and I adore it! The quality is great, I will say I got my normal "medium" and if I could do it again I would get a large. Although I think it looks find, it's a bit more fitted through the chest than what I like, so keep that in mind when ordering.

top: SheIn c/o same
Pants: Mossimo similar
Necklace: Kendra Scott
Heels: Merona similar


  1. You know I love this top! It's so cute on you and I love how you dressed it up with black pants for work!

    I always enjoy your blog and get so much encouragement from it - so I hope you don't say goodbye! But I do understand the struggle to fit it in through the midst of a busy life!

  2. I look for your blog every morning to start my day. I always wonder what is Ginny going to share today? Your Blog is Special. It has Heart! Its about Family, Fun, Work, Struggles, Fashion. "Your Blog Has Heart" !! I used to follow Several other Bloggers but it was mainly just looking at them wearing different clothes every day and them sharing a few things about the clothes. I decided I just had too many bloggers coming into email every day so I deleted out at least 20 of them. I only have 2 bloggers left that I follow and you are one of them. I understand if you need to stop blogging as you are certainly very busy being a working Mom of 2 small children. That is no small task! Please know that you are much appreciated and I "Look for you" every morning but I want you to know that I completely understand it if you need to take a reprieve and make an Exit. (It must be difficult when most of your audience is silent and invisible) That would make it challenging too. I wish you well and I will pray that God will Bless you as your Blog has Blessed me. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for yiur kind words! You are right, with most of my readers being non-blogging/commenting moms it does make it seem like what I say doesn't matter. Thanks for the nice reminder that it does! I'm not ready to give it up yet, but I know there will come a time when its time to say goodbye.

  3. I just started following your blog and love how you talk about LIFE! Not just fashion but you include God and family too. That's what makes your blog so special. But I do understand how hectic it can be working at a job and having children at home plus everything else in between. Whatever you decide I pray God's blessing on it.

  4. Ginny, I still read your blog and get inspiration from your great outfits, like this one (love the new top and pairs so well with the turquoise pendant). I hope you don't hang your hat soon though I totally get it because I am a busy woman who works a lot and still cleans, does laundry, is a wife and a full-time mom to a toddler, so those thoughts have also been part of my mind. I really hope you don't leave though. I don't have Twitter but social media is a huge time sucker. When I don't have time I just spend a little bit on my blog and a little bit on Instagram and Facebook. That is all. Thanks for your honesty and I hope you still continue blogging and we continue our blogging friendship. Thanks, Ada. =)

  5. You will definitely be missed if you have to make the choice to stop blogging!! Just wanted you to know that I love stopping by your blog each week to take a look at the cute outfits you share. I don't have a natural knack for knowing what pieces work best together, so I drop by this blog and two others for help in that department. A recent example is the lemon-print top you shared a couple of weeks ago...I just ordered a very similar top with a vibrant lemon print over the weekend. I would have been at a loss to know what to pair it with if I had not seen your post! :-) On a personal note, you have a beautiful family, home, and has been such a treat to follow your blog for the past year!! ~Leslie Fay

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