Clothed with Grace: Reality Check

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Reality Check

As a mom I get very little time to myself. As in, I'm lucky to get one uninterrupted hour a week at home. Last weekend, while I was working on this post, actually, I had put Hannah down for her nap, Grant was headed to a birthday party up the street, and Brian was running errands. I was excited for some peace and quiet! Not five minutes into my alone time someone rang our doorbell, Grace started barking and Hannah woke up. I told the person at the door, that no, we didn't want to buy what they were selling, shut the door and just started fuming.  I know, they didn't know we had a sleeping baby and how much I needed a break, and I know dogs just bark, but I was soooo mad.

I love Hannah to pieces, but she definitely needs more than that short of a nap, and dang it, can't I just have some time to myself????? It was about that time Brian came home. Hannah wasn't upset, so I let her be in her crib. Brian suggested putting a note on the door asking people not to ring the doorbell, and Hannah put herself back to sleep. Yessss!

I admit, I felt pretty like my emotions were pretty valid and warranted at the time. Poor me, not getting any time to myself, so I thought. Then I got some perspective the next day at church. We have some friends who are really struggling right now. The husband (who is not even 30) just went in for heart surgery and they found out what they thought was the problem wasn't, so they couldn't fix it like they thought. He also happens to be a personal trainer for a living, so heart issues are even a bigger deal. The wife just had a miscarriage and is currently doing two teachers jobs at school, and they have two kids under 4. Whoa. My anger over what I thought was so bad suddenly seemed ridiculous.

When I focus on me, my view of things looks very different than when I look at the bigger picture though God's eyes. I have it pretty good right now and I need to be thankful and grateful. AND I need to do what I can to help others who are struggling in any way I can. It is not all about me, that is for sure!

I just got this top and although it's cute, it's not my favorite. It's a bit shorter in the front than I'd like, so my cami shows, which I didn't realize before taking these pictures.  I loved the idea of the back, but it did not lay at all like the picture on the site shows, so I ironed it flat, but ended up burning the fabric. You win some, you lose some.

Top: SheIn c/o  same 
Pants: Loft similar
Necklace: Stella and Dot
Earrings: Nickel & Suede same
Wedges: Steve Madden c/o similar


  1. It's crazy how looking at things differently can change your attitude. Love this top. Bummed that it didn't hold up to the iron!

  2. Thank so for sharing. Whenever I get some perspective it immediately makes me a little mad that I can't have my pity party but then shakes me up and I nearly always go straight into prayer and thank God for what I do have. I've been feeling a little deprived of me time and have been not-so-silently grouchy about it too. When the kiddos are older I'll have plenty of time to myself and will sleep again. Although I do hope I get to sleep again before they move out :)

  3. As moms we are constantly wearing many hats. Thanks for keeping it real Ginny. I love classic black+white stripes with red. The back of that top is quite cute, too.