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Monday, May 4, 2015

Life Lately

Today I thought I'd share update of some things I've I shared on Instagram:

I finished Gossip Girl on Nexflix, now I don't know what to do with my life. Ok, that's a bit dramatic, but I really enjoyed the show. If you're looking for a guilty pleasure, this might be right up your alley. #chuckbassforever

Right now Rocksbox and I are pretty much BFFs. I adore this Rayne Necklace I got in my last box.  I've really been loving the service and the change to try out some pretty amazing jewelry. I hope you guys aren't sick of hearing about them!

 If you're not familiar with Rocksbox it's a fun monthly jewelry service.  It normally cost $19 a month, but you get a $10 credit towards any purchases. You can also send the box back and forth as many times as you want each month. I'm really loving getting to try it out and you can try it free for a month too. Just go to Rocksbox and use code "newfavoriteoutfitxoxo" at checkout.

This. Kid. It's normal to practice t-ball in your Ninja Turtle jams, isn't it? Last year t-ball was a disaster. The team was made up of all his little friends from school and Grant had the self-control of my big toe. This year, we've been practicing and he'll be on a team with a bunch of strangers, and I'm ok with that. He already gets to spend eight hours Monday-Friday with his little friends, he can take Saturdays off. ; ) He's actually really excited to play and has been practicing really hard.

I've also been wearing outfits from my archives quite a bit. I love getting to pull out my spring and summer clothes and wear them again. Some outfits just need to be repeated. : ) Mine is sold out, but this one is a super cute option.

Patience and I don't always get along and I've been recently reminded that God's timing is perfect. I'm very thankful for this and need to keep it as a constant reminder when I want things to go "my" way with "my" timing.

I'm so thankful for our library. For the past three years Grant and I have made trips there each Saturday morning. Grant is starting to learn sight words and getting excited for reading his own books, which is such fun. The library also has free movies to borrow and fun computer games for the kids to play.


  1. Some outfits definitely need to be repeated! Your little guy looks so excited and enthusiastic! Hope he has a great year in t-ball!

  2. Love seeing pics of your Baby Boy and everyday life! Have a great Monday, Ginny!

  3. Gossip Girl is my all time favorite show!! Also, I didn't know you were from Omaha.. how fun!! I actually live in Kansas City now, but my husband and I both grew up there so that was why our wedding was there. Such a great place!

  4. Your little man is too cute! Baseball season will be fun for you! I love my Rayne necklace too! It is my favorite piece! Susan

  5. Ginny have you watched House of Cards? I know it's on season 3 already and I came late to the party but if you did too check it out!

    I too watched Gossip Girl and was always amazed how high school students could order martini's from hotel bars.

    1. Brian and I watched a few episodes and he wasn't crazy about it, so we didn't watch more. I might try it again during Grant's nap time this summer.

  6. What a feminine, pretty lace wrap. Perfect for air conditioning and cool summer evenings.

  7. What a feminine, pretty lace wrap. Perfect for air conditioning and cool summer evenings.

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