Clothed with Grace: Baby Registry Tips

Monday, October 19, 2015

Baby Registry Tips

The first time around when I was pregnant with Grant, Brian and I went way overboard with baby registry items.  We wanted it all. some of which we found out was really not necessary once our little guy got here.  This time around is definitely different.  Yes, we had a lot of things from the first time around, so we had less to buy, but today I thought I'd share some tips on what we think you really need, vs. what you don't.

First off, let's talk furniture.  With Grant we got a top of the line crib and dresser set. We specifically wanted to be able to convert the crib to a toddler bed, then to a full-sized bed. We also got a dresser that could double as a changing table, hence one less piece of furniture to take up space in the room.  I think we were definitely wise with our purchases, however, five years later there are a lot of great less expensive options for cribs like this one, which is also convertible. We happened to luck out on Criag's List with furniture for Hannah, I'd definitely check that out too. Make sure to invest in a new mattress though.

Secondly, here's the scoop on baby monitors. The first time around we had friends give us there normal monitor, so we thought it silly to buy one. However, I was a crazy first-time mom when it came to that monitor and Grant. Because it wasn't a video monitor, I couldn't tell if Grant was awake or asleep half the time. Also, if it was too quiet I'd freak and worry he wasn't breathing.  This time around we bought this video monitor and it is a great price and works great. The video screen is clear, the sound is good, and it has the two-way voice option, so I'll be able to tell Hannah I'm on my way if she wakes up crying. 
                                                                      Video Monitor 

Next, is breast pumps: the first time around I borrowed a pump from a friend, which worked great, but now most insurance companies pay for your pump. Hello, amazing!  I was able to get this one though insurance at no cost to me. Also, on another note, I didn't try pumping until about a week before Grant went to daycare and this time around I plan to pump for extra milk at least once a day.  Having extra milk on hand will allow me the ability to run an errand while Brian is at home with the kids with not worries of Hannah waking hungry and me not being around. On another note, I am definitely not opposed to having formula on hand too. Grant needed to supplement with formula once I was back at work, and he had no problem taking both, so if need be, I'm ok with using formula early if needed.
                                                                      Medula Pump

Also, I think talking about baby bedding is a must too. The first time around we went all out: comforter, bumper, curtain, the whole nine yards.  Here's reality for you though: once they can roll over, the bumper has to go, as they could suffocate. Also, Grant never used the comforter, as placing a baby in a crib with a blanket could cause them to suffocate too.  We ended up using sleep sacks over Grant's jammies and they were great! This time we are not spending big bucks on bedding. Instead Hannah will have a few fitted sheets, a bedskirt, and this blanket, which will primarily be used when she's cuddling with us or to keep her warm when we're traveling in her carseat.


Clothes are important to consider too. As a new parent, this can seem like the best and most fun part of preparing for your little bundle of joy.  I had high aspirations of dressing Grant like a J.Crew model. Then he was born and I realized how ridiculous that was. He was a little 8 pound baby. What did he need with denim jackets, cargo shorts, and button-downs. Yes, I had all of these ready for Grant to wear. Luckily, I still had tags on a bunch of things and was able to return them for more comfortable clothes that were what  a baby really wants-soft and cotton.  I'm personally not a big fan of onesies, but little soft pants, shirts, and rompers worked out great for Grant. Most of Hannah's clothes are variations of this outfit. I was able to get a lot from thredUp with credits and from our local B2B shop. Grandma also went shopping for some new things too.


I think it's important to consider quantity too. I was actually embarrassed by the amount of clothes I had for Grant early on.  This time we are really not going overboard. Hannah has about 14 outfits, enough for two outfits a day if she gets messy, and I won't have to do laundry everyday. We also got a week's worth of sleepers, which is definitely sufficient.   They are in the clothes for such a short time, there is not need to go overboard.

What's the scoop on baby contraptions? The first time around we also, got about every baby contraption possible: playmate, swing, exersaucer,  vibrating chair, Bumbo, Johnny Jumper etc.  Here's reality: every baby is different.  Grant loved his playmate and exersaucer, but really wasn't crazy about anything else. We saved everything, but the second Hannah show's not interest, those contraptions are gone! 

Also, what about other baby "must-haves" like a Boppy and a wiper-warmer? Save your money in my opinion, I could never get Grant comfortable nursing with a Bobby and although the wipe-warmer was nice, he was changed plenty of times without a warm wipe while we were on the go without complaint. 

We are so excited for Hannah's arrival and are really ready to go. For you first-time moms, I hope you've found these tips helpful.  Keep the extra money in your pocket and enjoy your still little one!

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  1. Thank you so much for these tips! It was super overwhelming when we created our registry. Luckily, my in-laws wanted to buy a crib for us, so we don't have to worry about that expense. Good advice on the clothes as well--we put a bunch of plain, white onesies on our registry, so hopefully our friends will take the hint not to go overboard on buying us clothes :)

  2. Such great tips mamma. I am dying over that first picture of Hanna's Nursery. Please share more, please. Thank you.

  3. Great tips! I had that pump with Claire and loved it!

  4. What great tips I need to share this with a few expecting mommies!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  5. These are great tips! For furniture, we're using my dressers I had growing up and my parents bought her crib (which my mom thrifted brand new!). I'm like you and didn't feel the need to go all out on an expensive set. I'm also with you on the crib bedding. I just don't see the point in having all the bumpers and stuff when you can't even use them. Plus, I like the simple look anyways. I picked out a few different sheets on my registry, and my mom and I are going to make her a baby quilt.