Clothed with Grace: Things We Know By Heart

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Things We Know By Heart

This last week I picked up Things We Know By Heart, by Jessi Kirby. It's our book club book for this next month, and it happens to be YA, which was a nice break from my other reads lately. Although it is YA, is does deal with a heavy topic, losing a loved one.  We are introduced to Quinn, a teenage girl, whose life is changed after her boyfriend, Trent, is suddenly killed in a car crash.  

Trent's parents decide to donate his organs to five thankful recipients.  To help Quinn with the healing process, she writes to all the recipients and hears back from four. But she still can't move on.  She needs to know about the fifth. She scours the internet and comes across the story of Colten, who is her age and was in desperate need of a heart transplant.  His life is saved because Trent has died. Quinn decided to go and try to catch a glimpse of Colton and his life, hoping this will help her move on. 

However, what happens next is not what she expected. They meet and their is some unexplainable connection between them, with each of them holding close to the secret of how one heart changed both of their lives.  Will their secrets be revealed?  Can a real love be built while keeping secrets? Read Things We Know By Heart to find out!

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  1. Sold! Will look into this book, pronto. I love YA and children's books. Thank you for sharing a promising title.