Clothed with Grace: #thestruggleisreal

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Now that it's my third trimester I've entered the home stretch and I couldn't be more excited. I am however really beginning to realize all the things I took for granted before I was carrying a watermelon around with me all the time. Here are some #thestruggleisreal moments I've been experiencing lately:

  • Trying to put on shoes- zippers, buckles, and pull on boots are a lot of work. I love the boots I have on today, and they are great once's just the "putting them on" part this is hard.
  • Trying to get into my truck when another car is parked right next to it.  Squeezing isn't a possibility.
  • Huffing it into school each day.  What is normally an easy trip from the parking lot has be huffing after the 20 steps I need to climb. No bueno.
  • Dropping something on the ground and having to pick it up. Need I elaborate????
  • Taking a bunch of pills to help ease the side-effects of pregnancy such as my still persistent morning sickness and my awesome acid-reflux
  • Sleeping and ALWAYS having my left arm fall asleep and constantly feel like pins and needles
Seriously, I am going to really remember the little things I take for granted once Hannah is here.  All these crazy side-effects are worth it, but I sure won't miss then!

I'm really excited about this poncho from Shein.  It's sure soft and comfortable.  Is you can see it is definitely room, it's perfect for my growing belly and I'm hoping I like it just as much once Hannah gets here. I love the idea of it with my white jeans, but think it'll be great with leggings or normal denim too.

Poncho: Shein c/o same
Jeans: Liz Lange same
Shoes: Vionic c/o same

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  1. Ponchos are my favorite for fall! So easy and comfy!

  2. Love ponchos!! Looks great with the white jeans. :)

  3. That poncho is so cute on you! It looks super cozy!

  4. Oh you must be getting so excited to meet the little girl!

  5. Oh I totally remember those days! Hang in there!

  6. You're almost there! I'm already struggling with boots and socks, and not even out of my second trimester yet. Yikes!