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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Go to Target, she said.  It'll be fun, she said....

Recently I made a trip to Target with both kiddos.  I've done this about a million times, because let's face it: Target.  Usually I move with a speed that only a mom can, up and down the isles with stealth and speed.  

On this particular Saturday Hannah had been woken up early from her nap by the barking dog next door.  Not cool. She usually has a pretty cheery disposition, so running errands before she needs to eat again isn't usually an issue.  On this day, though, I thought it would be a good idea to try on swim suits. If that act of trying them on isn't bad enough, add two kids to the mix.  Silly, Ginny.

Once we were in the fitting room Hannah started fussing. Grant usually does a pretty good job of entertaining her, but it was not working.  I tried to try on as quickly as I could, but let's face it, it was just ridiculous and a waste of time.  That's about the point where Grant suddenly decided to crawl under the door and basically get stuck.  Really kid! 

I got dressed as quickly as I could, we made a quick exit, and Hannah fell asleep about thirty seconds into the car ride home. Yep.

After the fact the whole idea of trying on swimsuits with the kids along just seems ridiculous and the whole situation was probably pretty comical to anyone else listening to what as going on in the fitting room. At the time though, it felt like the seventh circle of hell. Some days are a success as a mom and some days are not. I can't let myself get bogged down focusing on ridiculous stuff, instead I need to focus on the good, because there are so many more good times than there are bad!

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  1. I may not be a mom, but this story is hilarious! One of those "memories" you will crack up about someday :) happy Tuesday!

  2. Too funny! I had to laugh when I saw the picture. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and take a deep breath because you know you are going to be laughing about this later!

  3. Phew! Yes what an adventure. Mommin ain't easy for sure!

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  5. I wish there was a reverse picture of your face too! And hey, you weren't less of a mom or an unsuccessful one because your kids were being kids. Show yourself some grace! :)

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  6. Oh yes I remember those days! Time flies by and one day you'll miss those days. That kind of days are included in the mom school. Your kids are sooo beautiful. I live in Sweden and I love reading your posts about your life. <3