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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

That Time I Fell...

I wore this outfit to church about a week ago, it's simple and easy. Although wearing a dress while nursing is not my favorite thing to do, I decided to wear it anyway, because I really love this dress. Easy dress doesn't mean easy morning though.

The morning started out per usual. Brian helps run cameras at the 8:00 service, so we are up early and out the door by 7:30.  Their isn't child care at 8:00, so that means I sit in church with both kids. Getting out of the car that morning I mentioned to Brian that I couldn't remember the last time we'd sat in church together as a family. Until recently Hannah has fallen asleep on the way to church and slept through most of the service. Grant does a pretty good job of sitting and being entertained my a snack and a coloring book. Usually I can catch at least half of the sermon... Well.....Hannah obviously is staying awake longer. The last few weeks she's fallen asleep part way though in her carrier, with her pacifier, while I rocked her with one feet. This week Hannah was not a fan and starting shrieking in church. We quickly went out to the foyer to watch the rest of the service there. Hannah did fall asleep, but I missed out on most of the service because people were out there socializing and I couldn't hear the T.V. above their talking. 

The service ended and Hannah was still asleep. I carefully picked up her carrier and Grant and I headed to his classroom for Sunday School. At this point I'm carrying Hannah in her carrier, my purse, Grant's backpack for church, and my coffee.  I've done this every week since Hannah was born pretty successfully. Well, today I tripped over who knows what and face planted on the floor. Yep, that happened. Thank goodness I was able to set Hannah's carrier down first, but it was kind of the worst.  People were everywhere, I felt pretty foolish, and I was swarmed with people wanting to help.  Hannah was ok, but now awake and Grant declared it the "worst day ever." 

I put on a brave face, said I was ok, and walked Grant to Sunday school class.  I made it all the way to my classroom before losing it and bawling.  Brian and I talked and I think for the time being he's going to drive separately for the 8:00 service and we'll meet him at 9:30. That will give me some more time to get the kids going in the morning and either for Hannah to nap at home or fall asleep in the car on the way to church. Grant can go to Sunday school and Hannah can remain in class with Brian and I. Then, I think Grant and I will stay for 11:00 church and Brian can take Hannah home.  I don't like the idea of Grant and I missing church.  

There are so many times I feel like I try to do it all, but it's just not possible. I think it'll be years before I'll be able to mange both kids in church on my own, major props to anyone who can! I think Grant will continue to get easier, then I'll see about trying to focus on Hannah, but for the time being this will be our new normal.  

I know I don't always appreciate my husband like I should, but I can't imagine going it alone like some of you end up having to do.  It's times like this that make me appreciate Brian taking care of Grant when I need to tend to Hannah and for taking Grant to the Y and soccer too. Life can be messy and I'm thankful I don't have to go it alone!

Jacket: Gap via thredUp
Dress: C.C. Lake c/o similar
Necklace: Uncommon Goods c/o same
Shoes: Rocky4EurSole c/o same 


  1. Ugh. All the activities that go with church are wonderful but sometimes overwhelming. Sounds like you have a good plan.

  2. I've thought many times since having Lucy how I can't imagine doing this without my husband. And yes, Sunday mornings can be so hectic.

  3. Oh Ginny! I'm so so sorry! You have two little ones, so please try to take a breath and know you are not alone, this is normal, you are an awesome mom and yes, we all need help! Make adjustments that fit this season and as they get older you can adjust again. No decision is forever, its just for now. I'm so glad you didn't break anything. I would definitely have cried too. My nursing days were some of the best AND most emotional days in my life. I felt very alone with my responsibility and didn't feel like anyone understood how hard all that was. You are a tough cookie. I pray for peace in your heart today!

  4. Sorry sis! I'm glad you have a plan worked out to make it easier for all and let you focus on church. Love you!

  5. I'm glad Hannah and you ended up ok! It's true sometimes we just try to do it all and it doesn't always work out. Those are the times I am reminded of how thankful I am for help when I get it!

  6. I am so inspired by your all's commitment to your church! It sounds like this new plan may help you balance it all a bit better.


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  7. OMGosh Ginny! I was cringing for you when I read this yet it sounds like you handled it like a champ. Your new plan sounds like a great alternative. All the best to you and your family!

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