Clothed with Grace: A Gift

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Gift

Yesterday I saw on Facebook that Lysa TerKeurst had undergone major surgery where half of her colon had been removed. Aftwards the surgeon said that he doesn't throw this term around, but her being alive was a miracle. The pathology report showed her cells were in a state of death. Whoa. She thanked everyone for their prayers and praised God, but what really stuck with me was what she said at the end:

 "When the baby is crying and the deadlines are pressing and the stress is mounting and the enemy whispers "just get through this crappy day." Look up and shame the enemy back to hell by acknowledging today is a gift.
A gift from a good, good Father. And then look, seek, and dive deeply into what a true gift it is."

I can be so guilty of taking each day for granted, never knowing when it might be my last, or the last for someone in my life. But I don't pay attention to the gift each day is and each moment is with the important people in my life and those who God has my life intersect with. 

My mornings should start with, "If  I can just make it to 8:00 tonight..." I need to look, seek, and dive deeply like Lysa said above. And you do too.

Before I know it the kids will be grown and their love and need for me will look a lot differently than it does now. The hour I get each day to myself will be come the hour I "get" to spend with them. Funny how life works and perspective is everything. 

Today is a miracle and a gift, let's treat it as such!

This dress is actually maternity, crazy right? I got it last year from Bump Style Box, which is like Stitch Fix for pregnancy. I chose to keep it because I knew it would be great for afterwards and it is. I recently wore it to church with these wedges I scored in Target for $5 (I don't know why they aren't on sale online).  I also have been wearing this necklace from Uncommon Goods like crazy. It's truly one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and one I know I'll continue to wear for years to come!

Dress: Bump Style Box c/o pretty option
Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Uncommon Goods c/o same
Shoes: DV same

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  1. Very pretty dress! And, what a Great Deal on those Really Cute Shoes, "Score" !! Thanks for filling us in on Lisa T as i hadn't heard she was ill.

  2. Great post. I loved Lysa's words as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post. I loved Lysa's words as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I read that too and it blew me away. Lets remember how precious this time is today, even in the midst of frustration and exhaustion.

  5. Great post. What a great reminder as we go about our busy days!

  6. Excellent post and a great way to live each day!

  7. Timely words of encouragement, and yes...persepctive is everything! Now...oh how I wish I had those wedges...adorable! Crystal

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