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Thursday, June 23, 2016


Yesterday Katie wrote about how there are moments in the day when she feels like she's got this "mom thing" figured out, then suddenly everything falls apart. She said we shouldn't let the low point in the day determine the day as a whole. I love this! 

Yesterday was a pretty smooth day around our house. Hannah and Grant both slept until 7:00, which is you know my kids is a miracle. We did a few errands, made it to Grant's swim lessons, the kids had some rest/naps after lunch, then we went to the neighborhood pool, and I had dinner on the table when Brian got home. It was one of those days where I actually felt like I had it figured out, but honestly, that happens so rarely. 

Raising humans is such hard work! Hannah has entered the phase where she get's upset if she can't see me while she's playing. That makes it really hard to unload the dishwasher, start or fold a load of laundry or even go the the bathroom for that matter.  The "Hannah" siren starts, then stops just as quickly when she sees me again.  I'm also having to work with Grant because he likes to imitate Hannah's cries and whines. You think it's bad with one, try too.  I can get bogged down in those moments, but that's it, they are just moments, not the whole day. 

I was so thankful for Katie's reminder yesterday and I know it can help me to make the best of each day I get with my kiddos!

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