Clothed with Grace: Life Lately

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Life Lately

Here's a look at life lately via some pictures I share on Instagram!

This little girl, I can't even! We are having so much fun this summer already!

We went to my parents' house on Memorial Day and the boys went fishing.  I thought I'd try to catch a picture of the kids together, I snapped this, then two seconds later Hannah spit up...

We've been going to the park quite a bit too! This was Hannah's first time on a swing and she loved it! Grant loved helping push her too!

Here's a side by side of Grant and Hannah at about the same age...yep, they're related!

We're gearing up for Grant's 6th birthday party and he's decided on a pirate theme.  Guess what's going in the goodie bag? #thiskid

We also got the go ahead to feed Hannah baby food. She'd been doing really well with cereal, so we added veggies. She is loving them! We've gone through three veggies so far, four days on each. Next is peas (gross), then we'll start fruits!

I've also been staying caught up on scrapbooking, which is my favorite thing. My pages are much simpler, but I'm totally ok with that!


  1. Oh their grins! Summer is just so great!

  2. It's so sweet to see how much Grant and Hannah love each other! They are such adorable siblings!

  3. Your kids are so sweet together! Grant looks like he is an awesome big brother.

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